A Warm Shower

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A short and quick poem.

Submitted: July 24, 2017

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Submitted: July 24, 2017



You stand in the shower 
Warm water running down your neck 
Your tears blend in with your wet face 
As you try to control your sobbing 
The warmth of the water reminds you of the gentle heat of love 
You'd expect sad and sombre music to be playing quietly in the background 
But no, all you hear is the showering running and water dripping 
And your own hopeless sobs 
Your turn up the heat of the water, trying to live in the moment of warm happiness once more
Now the water burns your skin, but you ignore the pain in your desperation 
It seems no force on this earth can stop the pain
No amount of hugs and handshakes from family will cure your illness 
Countless "I'm so sorry for your loss" have been said 
But that won't bring her back
And now you embrace the burning pain 
And let the searing of your flesh consume your mind 
Because you have nothing left, or so you think
I will let you stand there, in pain, because I cannot communicate from this world 
And I will always watch you, and love you, but you will never know
And that hurts far more than boiling water ever could

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