Lele and The Rose

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A simple hunter found his path to an unexpected journey for love and magic. A magical Rose turned his life upside down.

Submitted: July 24, 2017

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Submitted: July 24, 2017



 Once upon a time, there was a boy named lele who rode the forest with his majestic steed. While hunting, lele saw a beautiful pile of roses that almost looks like a cave.

 He decided to enter the cave of roses, lele froze in surprise as he entered the cave for he saw more roses that glow in different colors and the inside looks like a paradise, he continued to walk to explore more about this place, then he saw a hut, a very ugly hut that looked burnt from the inside ,he decided to to enter the hut, inside the hut he smelled dead plants and was shocked for what he have seen, they were bushes of roses but they were all dead, only one remained, at the center of the room there is a very brilliant, big and shiny roses, so bright, so red, and that rose mesmerized his eyes. He plucked the rose from the floor. then... Everything poofed back into normal, Lele saddens for he could no longer see the cave of roses, but the rose that he plucked, which shines is now slowly flickering.

  He hurried back to his home and plant the rose outside his garden and the rose began to light again. For many days, he took good care of the rose. And the rose grew more beautifuler than it was.

  A sudden twist of event came, a dear friend of lele came to visit him and stayed there for few days, Lele couldn't help it but to entertain the guest. Times began to change, he'll do everything to take care of the rose but the guest is so needy and so annoying. Each day the rose's petal fell and turned into dry brown. Lele couldn't bare to think about the rose but his friend always blocks his way and making him forget about the important things

 Lele felt something for the rose even if it was just a plant compared to his kind. He lost his temper and got so furious, then he yelled at the guest droving the guest out of his house.

  Lele hurriedly went to the rose ,it is very dry and weak, it's not glowing anymore and the petals seems to be falling apart, the colors began to wash away into dead gray. Lele began to cry, he knew that it was not just an ordinary kind of rose, inside his heart, he admitted that he has fallen inlove with the rose. It was something that means so much to him,an unconditional love, where he always do everything just for the rose to be safe, without something given back to him.

 Tears poured down to the soil from his eyes. he then saw a sudden glowing flash, very bright that could blind the eyes of a human. There, he saw that the rose turned into a girl with breath-taking blue eyes and soft pink cheeks, a girl who was under the spell of being a rose to find true love, a love that would be felt just by being accepted for being true to your self. She smiled as her eyes began to sparkle, and hugged lele.

 And they both lived happily ever after. The end

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