Think Twice

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Is it the right time to get a dog? Are you asking yourself the right questions??

Submitted: July 24, 2017

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Submitted: July 24, 2017



Dogs are adorable

Fantastic creatures


Never to leave behind


By your side

To love you, warm you

Kiss you

Scare away enemies

Even if it is the postmen

Or your drunk brother

Stumbling in at 2 am


Yet the questions asked

When considering

A dog

Are far from helpful


Ready to clean after someone else?

Wash him?

Feed him?

Walk him?

Teach him?


Let’s be honest

These are pretty important

But they’re hardly

Deal breakers


All I have to do is clean?


Walk and teach?

Sounds easy enough

And he’ll love me back


What all dog owners know

Is that is the easy part


Ready to replace that $1000 computer

He thought it was dangerous

So he chewed through the cords

Are you awake at 3 am?

Because he is.

And he wants to play.


Well he still wants to.


Ready to see 75lbs

Hurtling towards you after

Cackling thunder?

He might not be a lap dog

But he is now

Forget that you had hot tea

And now it’s like

A warm pee blanket on your lap


Ready when he bites your best friend

Who’s already terrified of dogs?

Ready to remedy that situation?


Ready to explain to guests

To stop feeding him

At the table?


The question isn’t:

Are you ready to take care

Of someone else



No it's:

Are you ready to share

Your everything

With a loving companion?

He comes first

Not just in food or attention

But everything


And you know what?

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

© Copyright 2018 D. Nic. All rights reserved.

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