The virgin girl

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
The story is about a boy who fall in love with a girl from Facebook chat and the series of event happens.

Submitted: July 24, 2017

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Submitted: July 24, 2017




Chapter -----------One

Are you a virgin? I feel awkward …Who the hell in the earth asked such type of question in the first chat? This girl & I was friend since the last month and we only said hi a few times with each other .and this is the first time we really chat and I didn’t expect this type of question as the fifth question. Excuse me.----- I replied Are you a virgin? -----She said again and this time I am quite sure the first one was not a mistake. Maybe yes.-----I replied Seriously who replies honestly in these type of questions? Why do you ask? They say that the one who died virgin will be the ghost I am going to be such type of ghost one day. ---------She replied. Haha, you got funny bones. ---I hit the sent button. No I got 206 bones: D ----my phone beep with her text.

I checked her profile once again as we are being random friends on the virtual world , I didn’t know much about her .Her name is Kanchan and as simple as her name ,one DSLR shot as the profile picture was there which could make anyone fall in love with her. That deep black eyes the perfect row of teeth flushing out between her lips .my god! I ran through the bio as it is written as “The past is already written the ink is dry.” I clearly remembered it was the quotes uttered by the three eyed raven from game of thrones season six. Before I could asked her more, she was already offline.

At the evening the green dot appeared beside her name in my messenger .I hurriedly type “VALAR MORGHULIS” and a wink emoji. The message was seen but she didn’t replied. After a while my phone beeped once “All men must die.” And a wink was there. So you are familiar with the Westeros?---- I asked. “Not much. I am the free folk I live past the wall, I never had been to the gold street of Westeros.”

God she is so smart. It’s been roughly 12 lines we talked. I don’t have a single clue about her yet I have been in love with her. You are so impressive, a rare combination of beauty with brain. ----I hit the enter key of my laptop. Haha cliché ---was her answer.

It was raining outside. The cool breeze flowing through the air and the sizzling sound of the kirrrrrrrrrrr kirrrrrrr it was the perfect environment for me. Most of the time I would like to sit on a chair with a hot cup of coffee beside me and an interesting book on my hand whenever it’s raining. What are you doing? ----She sent a message. I was reading.---- Pdhante book worm haru---- was her reply. Wont you?----I asked. Sometimes.----- she said. Who is your favorite ?---I asked as if we cross the path it would be easy to find a topic to talk with her. That depends actually. I don’t have specific choice but I had really liked Three mistakes of my life, Radha, Palpasa café ,LU, message in a bottle and The immortals of meluha. That’s it ,I can remembered so far.---she replied. So who is the pdanthe now hum ,you sneaky bookworm !!So you do know Nicolas spark? ----I probe her once again. If you are a teenage and you read romantic books then one can never complete his quest without his book. I cried overnight while reading the message in a bottle. ---Was her reply.

“If you like her if she makes you happy, if you feel like you know her …then don’t let her go” .---I wrote.

Haha, Someday, you will find someone special again. People who have been in love once usually do .it’s in their nature ---she wrote back. There are winds and destiny that blow when we least expect them. Sometimes they gust in the fury of a hurricane.-----I wrote. A hurricane happens with cold so blizzard that I cannot accept it yet. The thing inside of you making you hollow ,the body you love so much, you care so much give up and turn against you .how was that fell to you?---she said. That was not from book is it,….I asked. Nop it’s my life I am talking about.---she wrote. Haha you are joking, are you broken up recently.--- I asked in a hurry. Do you know why I asked you that the virginity question.—she asked? Nop I replied short. M gonna die soon.—she replied Haha everyone is going to die.Valar morghulis. ---I said. I am going to be the ghost we talked about---she said. Haha hawa manxe--- I replied.

You know I am diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. I am the guest of few days —she replied and went offline.

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