Chapter 4: Chapter four.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Gabriella woke up the next morning in a sweat. She looked around her room once she opened her eyes and sat up. Things felt different. Things seemed changed; moved around. She shook her head, rubbing her eyes with the palms of her hands before swinging her feet to meet the ground. She pursed her lips and a low whistle came out. Rudge came running down the hall within seconds, a small bark escaping his chest. Gabriella pushed herself out of the bed, walking to the bathroom. She took a shower that seemed to last for hours. She felt strange. Off. She stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself before bending over and flipping her hair over. She placed a towel on her head before twisting it and standing back up, flipping the towel over to hold her hair and dry it. She looked at herself in the mirror before noticing a strange mark on her neck. It looked like a bite mark. She furrowed her brow.

Gabriella dressed herself in black leggings and a red dress that flowed to her mid thighs. She pulled on her black flats before she fluffed her now dry hair a little. She glanced at herself in the reflection of a picture, stopping. She lifted her hair, the mark was still present. She shook her head and dropped her hair, letting it spill over the front and back of her shoulders. She was not ready to question anything else that was going on. Grabbing her phone from the counter, she felt a nudge on her thigh. Rudge.
"What is it?"
Rudge barked before looking at the front door. Seconds after there was a knock. Gabriella furrowed her brow glancing down at Rudge. She walked to the front door, shooing Rudge into the other room. She gripped the doorknob before turning it and pulling the door open. She stared at Damon who stood in jeans and a v-lined shirt. She swallowed ever so slightly. He had his hands stuffed into the pockets of his jeans. She looked over his face, ignoring the impoliteness she was giving him.
"Hello Damon."She finally spoke. Minutes had passed.
"Gabriella."He nodded once.
"I've come by to ask if you had any plans this evening, or even this afternoon. I was curious to see if you.."
His voice disappeared as he searched her face, concern crossing his. Gabriella watched as she moved one foot forward as if to take a step, but made it appear to be just a simple readjustment.
"I do not."Gabriella stepped outside, closing the front door behind her.
"Would you like to have lunch, or dinner with me?"
Damon raised a brow slightly, staying in place. Their bodies were inches apart. She could smell his cologne. 747 For Men. She recognized it instantly. Well ,that wasn't helping her want to stay away from him. Now she was being drawn in, and so simply. Her ex lover of 5 years wore it on special occasions. She shivered.
"That would be fine."
Gabriella kept her reply short and sweet. Not specifying which she would prefer. He seemed persistent with her. Then it dawned on her. She took a few steps before she stopped and quickly turned to face him.
"How do you know where I live?"
The question came out quick and sharp. She racked her brain for answers, she hadn't told him, nor led him to know. A small smile appeared on Damon's face when she asked the question.
"Ah. Right. I have seen you come in and out of your home many times on my walks through town. I visit your neighbors often to make polite small talk. I apologize for any scares I've given you."
The smile stayed on his face as he explained. Kind, sweet. That only made Gabriella uneasy. She swallowed hard and turned away from him, walking once again. She took the porch steps one at a time, her pace quickening. She wanted to get away from this man as quickly as possible. She has never once seen him in her neighborhood. Goosebumps ran up and down her arms, a shiver shot through her spine.
"Gabriella, please."He begged, his hand grabbing her arm to stop her.
It was gentle, yet forceful. Enough to show her he was serious in his inquiry for a date. Date? Who said anything about a date. Damon stood in front of her, a small sigh escaping his lips. Gabriella tensed, pushing his hand off of her.
"Lunch. Have lunch with me. Please. Today. I'll meet you at the itlian restaurant." He paused. "Please."
Damon closed the space between them. He tilted her chin up so their eyes met. Gabriella took a hesitant breath, wanting to break the gaze, wanting to step back. Something in her told her to stay.
"Fine."She breathed.
Damon grinned."Great! I shall see you at 2."
He turned and walked away, leaving her alone on her walkway in her yard. She stared after him, unsure of what just happened. It was hardly a conversation on her end. Damon stopped around the corner, taking in a deep breath. He could still feel the warmth of her skin on his hand. The look in her eyes. She smelled like lilies. He smiled, and walked. Gabriella stood in the same spot Damon had left her just minutes before, unable to grasp what had happened. Was this a date? What were his intentions. She squeezed her eyes shut before forcing herself to take a step forward.
Two o'clock rolled around and Damon waited in his seat, having taken an outside table. He enjoyed the outdoors much more than the indoors. Even back when he was little. It suited him better, brought a bigger smile to his face. Gabriella showed up 10 minutes later, and was led through the restaurant to the outside. She sat down in the seat across from Damon, ignoring the smile she received from him.
"Hello darling!"
Excitement ran through Damon's voice. He looked over her face, watching her facial expression, letting his smile disappear. He looked down at the menu, turning it over before setting it down. He placed his arms on the table, clasping his hands together in front of him.
"Look, I know this isn't ideal, and I've been.. I don't know the word for it."
"Creepy? Stalkerish?"Gabriella interrupted.
Damon glared slightly. He hated being interrupted. He looked away from her, letting himself calm down before he spoke again.
"Precisely. I do apologize. I'm not good with social interaction. I'm trying my best, and I find you absolutely stunning."He grinned.
Gabriella's eyes trailed over his face, taking in his expression. She took the time to examine every inch of his face. His eyes and the way they lit up when he spoke about her. She noticed that every time. He spoke again, distracting her.
"Gabriella,"He paused."I do hope that my coming on too strongly.. won't hinder our future friendship. I do want to get to know you. I'm trying."
Damon shrugged helplessly, worry in his eyes. Gabriella rolled her eyes, looking down into her lap where her fingers fidgeted.
"Damon, I-"She fell silent."It won't. Just, come up to my door. Knock. Don't follow me home. Don't freak my wolf out. Don't.."
Damon nodded in understanding."Of course."
Gabriella smiled, a small smile however. When the waiter walked over, Damon ordered for the both of them, never giving Gabriella a chance to speak, or interrupt him. She was confused by it, but didn't seem to mind. From his point of view. She figured it was better to let him take charge than fight him. Damon watched the waiter walk away, disappearing back inside, before he let his eyes trail to Gabriella's.
"I was hoping you would want to go on a date with me. Sometime. After we get to know each other."Damon waited, impatiently, though hid it.
Gabriella sighed heavily."Maybe."
She stayed silent until they food came, avoiding eye contact with him. Once their meal was over, he paid and walked them home. Complete silence the entire meal, the entire walk. When they reached her door, she turned to him, keeping a tight grip on the door knob.
"Thank you."
"You're most welcome."Damon raised a brow before dipping his head in a nod and walking away.
Gabriella walked into her house, immediately locking her door once inside. She let out a breath of relief, listening for the paws of her wolf to start trotting toward her.
"Rudge?"She called out, panicked already.
There was silence. She called his name again, more panicked than before. She ran through the house, before finding him on her bed, asleep. She frowned.
"Some watch dog."
Rudge lifted his head, and his tail wagged. Gabriella smiled at him before exiting to her living room. She relaxed into the couch, and turned the tv on. She thought about Damon. He was strange. Cute. But definitely weird. She closed her eyes, rubbing her face, letting the tv drown out the silence she was stuck in.

Submitted: July 24, 2017

© Copyright 2021 terriblestories. All rights reserved.


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