The Mysterious Island

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People always give up on their dreams and hope but i'm to show if your strong you can battle to find your own way to make your dreams and hope come true.

Submitted: July 24, 2017

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Submitted: July 24, 2017



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Chapter 1: who am i?

Chapter 2: fighting for their lives

Chapter 3: fighting for love

Chapter 4: dreams do come true




























Have you every heard of the THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND? I bet you haven't well open your eyes and ears lay back and listen closely because this may never EVER happen again. I know people when they grow up stop believing in love, fairytales, and that their dreams do actually come true. I can honestly say from experience that they do I'm to tell you my story add what I know. My dream, falling in love it all feel’s like one big fairytale. So please don't fall asleep or throw a fit because this story will make you fall in love all over again. Finding yourself, love, and adventure all takes place in this story. You ready? The story is about to begin.

  I was growing up scared and confused I couldn’t understand why every time I got into the water a tail would appear. I would freak when I asked my mom “how come I’m the only one that this happens to? How come I get strange looks at me” all my mother would tell me was that I was special and unique that she knew I was when she got me. I would stare at her so confused and now that I’m thinking about it every thing makes sense. I would ask her more and more about my past, what she meant by when she got me. You see she told me that I was adopted that she didn't know anything about my past expect for I loved to swim and I came from a strange mysterious island that no one has ever heard of but so many people that would try to go there end up never coming back. I'm 16 now and I curious more about my past and would love to find out where I came from, about my tail and where I use to live on that strange island. I was walking around town lost and didn't know where to even go to find these answers it seemed like no one I talked to knew what I was talking about. I got tired of looking so I stopped at this small little gas station to buy me something to drink and snack on plus I was burning up and wanted to cool down. I saw this newspaper which was talking about that strange island when all of a sudden I overheard these guys talking about the same island I got a little closer so I could hear more. This gentleman was leaning over the counter talking to the guy that works here and was asking about where he could find this island where all these guys keep disappearing to. I waited till they were done and decided to walk over to the guy that worked who was putting cash into the register. I looked at him trying to think of what I should say to him first but I felt like I was frozen. He looked at me and said “Can I help you?” I smiled and said “I was overheard you and that guy talking I was wondering is there anyway you could tell me more about this island sometime.” The guy looked at me like he wasn’t sure why I would even want to talk about the island or why I even care about the island in the first place he wouldn’t understand if I told him. He said “Sure ma’am but I don’t get off till 8 o’clock if you’re not busy than we could meet up some where’s for dinner if not than how about 12 o’clock tomorrow. “ I was very curious about that island but I need to get other stuff done. I agreed to just meet him at 12 tomorrow afternoon. As I was walking out I remembered why I entered in the first place turned back around grabbed a bottle of water and a candy bar even bought the newspaper. I told him I'll see him tomorrow and left. Afterwards I went to my mother and decided to tell her that I was going to go on vacation to find her parents. She didn’t seem to be upset about at all she told me to make sure that on my trip to always try to be careful and that her home was always opened for me to come visit that she loved me like if I was her own daughter.

I went to my apartment was walking around finding myself thinking about this island. I was trying to find a way to distract myself from thinking about it hoping that something would work but nothing was working. I tried so many things like watching TV, listening to music, singing, standing out on the balcony. So I tried to call her new best friend named Snow White about boys and how they wished they could find true love and finally meet each other but things were very difficult because they both didn't understand where each other lived at. See Snow White and me became best friends because we both want the same thing finding true love and living out our dreams being happy. We started becoming friends on this site called Facebook. She sent me a friend request but I don’t like adding random people so I messaged her first. We started talking and she told me she knew me when I was 1 or maybe 2 years of age. After that we just started talking whenever we actually had a chance. I don’t know much about Snow White besides the stuff that she has told me. She told me that she thinks her step mother is evil and may have killed her father to take over the kingdom. She said she’s a princess and if she could she would do so much to save her kingdom but her step mother blocks her out all the time. She said she wants a different life so she’s on her own and ran away from home living in a strange cottage with seven little dwarfs named Sneezy, Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, Bashful, Doc and Dopey. I honestly didn’t know if everything she was telling me was true because I never heard of dwarfs before but I loved having a friend and talking to her so I believed everything she had told me. We continued talking for a while we were talking about how beautiful and free the stars were. As we were looking at the sky we seen a falling star and decided to make a wish. I don’t know what she was wishing for I wished that one day I would be able to meet her in person. If I didn’t get to ever see this island or even visit it I would try to somehow just find Snow and help her out with all her trouble. I would try to show her that not everyone she talks to or knows are bad people. I would also like to meet these really cute little dwarfs she has been talking about so much. We finally got off the phone together cause she said someone was at the door I didn’t ask who or what they wanted but I was hoping that everything was going to be okay. Being on the phone with her made me feel so much better.

 So I went to my kitchen poured me a glass of water and decided to take a nice calm bath. I laid there for a few hours just relaxing and hoping that tomorrow would be a good day and that something new would happen when she talks to the store owner.  I wash my hair and when I was done I get out dried myself off and got dressed.  I went to my room decided to get on Facebook for a little while just to take some time to myself because I had no clue if I was going to be able to do that again. I even went to YouTube for a little bit and was singing along to my favorite music. I was having such a great time till I realized that it was already four in the morning. I got up into bed covered up with my blanket. When I finally woke up it was already ten in the morning. I sat in the bed thinking of what I could do till it was time to go. I started by getting dressed and walking around outside for a bit. As I was walking around I seen so many people just living life like they have no clue about this wonderful and strange island which isn’t very far from here like they aren’t even curious or wondering what’s on it. I still find it strange that I could have possibly been born on that random island. What else was it that my mother isn’t telling me? How long did she know? So many questions but the truth always comes out.

Eventually after a few hours or so it was around 12 o’clock I meet the gentleman at a fast food restaurant called McDonald's.  We sat down together and the gentleman really wanted to tell me about the island I don’t know if it’s cause he didn’t want me to go to it like a warning. “So since you really want to know about this place this is the only thing that I heard about it. I heard that inside there are beautiful flowers that grow and never die. The grass grows but never does it get to tall. There are castles that you can see from a far. The more you look at it the more you fall and love with it. But most people are too scared to enter it because they seen what appeared to be a beast looking men walking around on the island and also an evil looking witch that disappears often inside the smoke like clouds that fill the air.” He said but paused and looked up like he finally came back to reality and said “But a girl like you properly don’t believe me.” I told him “It is a lot to believe.” But I was hoping he was going to tell me little bit more. I kept wondering on why exactly those people even disappeared since he said that people don’t get to close cause of what they seen but when I asked he told me he didn’t even know. I told him my name is Ariel and he started staring at me like if he heard that name before, if he knew me somehow. He said “I experience so much from just being far away from that island there are even beautiful mermaids who actually told me once that they were looking for their missing princess which I have no clue who they were talking about and shocked that they were real. I heard that if you step on the island you can never get off it.” I really wanted to experience this and get to know more about it call me crazy but I needed to know if this is the island my mother said I was born at. I need to know if I have siblings or am I the only one. I also kept wondering what happened to all those people that disappeared on that island and if they are all dead or just trapped somewhere. I was staring off into space till I heard him say my name Ariel. “Sorry so sorry I was just thinking how I would love to see this island I know it sounds dangers and I know I could end up just like all the other and disappear but I have so many answers and I feel like I need to go.” I felt like I knew exactly what he was thinking but we started walking to the boat dock which wasn’t very far away from where we were at.

He had this nice looking boat small and perfect for what it looks like three to four on board. We started getting closer and closer to this big thing of fog. I was so scared to be going though it thinking of so many things that could happen like if we get attacked by something. I asked him if he could drop me off but the look on his face was like he was scared of that ideal. He said “I'm sorry Ariel I don’t want to go any closer over there.” So while he wasn’t looking I quickly for undressed and jumped in, I know that sounds odd but I knew my tail would appear and everything will be alright and I was hoping since it was dark he couldn’t see anything else. I turned around to look back at him, he had that look on his face like he was confused and he could hardly say anything to me. I watched as he started the engine and turned the boat around to drive off. As I was watching I started to think about something he said about how mermaids came over to his boat and asked if they seen their long lost princess. What if I was that long lost mermaid princess? If so that would explain a lot. But what I don’t understand is how I even ended up in a foster home? How I even disappeared away from this island? Even how long they found out that I was even missing in this very big ocean?

I was swimming deeper and deeper in the ocean to see what I could see. I saw so many beautiful fishes and so many other wonderful things. Suddenly there was this random sparkle deep down closer to the bottom. There was a big beautiful castle that has a small, quiet, town at the bottom of it. I kept looking around till I ran right into Flounder who wasn’t paying attention to where he was going. He turned around and looked right at me it was almost has if this cute little fish which was yellow with blue fins and four blue stripes on him knew me. He started speaking and I couldn't believe it I could understand everything he said I dint know I could talk to fish to. He said “I'm sorry Ariel we didn’t mean to bump into you.” When I heard my name I knew they must have known something or even my real parents and where they are located. They started to leave when quickly they came back and stared at me and yelled “PRINCESS YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!!” This cute looing crab named Sebastian say’s “Wait till I tell your father that your back, come lets go quickly his going to be so happy with me.” I had no clue what the hell he was talking about but I followed them as fast as I could to the beautiful castle which I had a feeling that somehow at first before they showed up that it was calling my name. I was shaking not because I was cold but because I was scared, afraid feeling like crying cause what if he hates me or maybe what if they got the wrong Ariel. We started getting closer to the big castle till we got inside. Once we were inside it was so beautiful gold like color everywhere. I guess the news traveled fast cause there were so many people in the room surrounding this big king looking guy with a big white beard and mustache holding a trident. Nervous as he can be Sebastian looks right at this big guy with a long white beard and say’s “King Triton sir look who we found.” The king couldn’t believe what he was looking at it was truly his loving and beautiful and wonderful daughter. All I could do was stare at him I didn’t know exactly what to do or say to the king. The king Triton seemed so happy looking at me with excitement saying “Daughter Ariel your finally back home. “ Then suddenly out of the blue about six other girl mermaids’ came over to me saying their names one after other. “Hi my name's Aquata.” “And my name’s Andrina.” “I’m Arista.” “I’m so glad to see you again I’m Attina.” “My name’s Adella.” “Don’t do that again you scared dad anyways name’s Alana.” He told the girls to give me space and time to get use to everything.  He said “I know you must be overwhelmed from all of this if you want I can show you your room that way you can take a nap? “ I was still so nervous but I said “yes, please and thank you.” He showed me my room and it looked has if is shared it with all my loving sisters.  He told me that we would talk later but any questions I may have for him just lie down and take a nap first. As soon as he left I looked around the huge room and at this very beautiful window at the end. I looked outside the window and you could see so much of the town and people swimming around or even children playing. I seen my name on a headboard of this bed so I guess it’s mine and laid down to sleep.

When I woke up I started to look around the castle. There was this big and beautiful picture hanging in the main hallway with seven pictures all around it. The seven pictures are what it looks like me and my sisters but wow the lady in the big picture must have been my mother standing by my dad. I guess King Triton seen me staring and said “My beautiful Athena your loving mother.” By the way he said that is if she was gone or something so I asked “what happened to her?” he looked at me and said in a sad voice “She dead by the hands of pirate's when we all went to a family vacation to celebrate your birth.”

I started to feel bad after what he just told me like was it my fault she's gone. We started to talk about the island and how strange it was seeing everything changing. He said people use to come here and have a good time but something happened and the people started to kill the fairy’s to take their fairy dust. Killing the mermaid’s for trophies and to store in their house for so many people to see. The island was going bad so we banned human life off the island so nothing bad could happen but I’m not sure what happened to all those people that just seemed too disappeared. I even asked how I even went missing and ended up on the human island and went to a foster home. He told me about how the town was all under attack when he went to gather me and my sisters all up he couldn’t find me he searched and searched. When he went up to the top of the ocean he seen this young couple find me and was holding me tight in their arms. I think they heard me screaming your name because the mother called you Ariel. I didn’t want them to take you but I was scared to get closer to them and wasn’t sure what to do. She stand there and watched me leave I know she knew exactly what we were but it didn’t seem like she cared. Every day I would go to the surface just to check on you hoping you would be outside which I always seen you smiling and laughing. I felt so heartbroken knowing that they are watching you grow up but I knew you would be so safe up there with them. “Did I have any friends on the island?” I asked. He looked at me and smiled saying “Yes you did they are some sweet girl’s I think if I remember right their names were Snow, Belle, Cinderella, and Jasmine.” I couldn't think of what else to ask and really wanted to go check the island out. He knew I was curious and told me to go but be safe up there.

I went up to the top of the water and got closer to the land in till I could walk up on it. I heard something but I had no clue where the sound was coming from so I hid in a forest that was right in front if me. I kept going farther inside the forest till I heard it again but like it was right behind me and hid behind a tree. I waited a bit and finally looked on the other side of the tree to see this ugly looking beast walking somewhere. The beast was very hairy, pointy teeth, but he was wearing clothes like if he was human. I couldn’t tell exactly what he was even doing inside the forest and I didn’t really want to know.  I waited till he walked away and went though the forest till I made it to this nice little town. I remembered when me and Belle were little kids we would talk always go to the library and read random books together. I walked around the town looking for the library hoping I even had the right town to begin with. Once I found it I seen this very beautiful girl wearing a blue dress with what it looks like a white apron on it and a blue ribbon in her hair. I walked over to her and asked if her name was Belle when she looked at me I knew it had to be her. “Yes, you look familiar do I know you?” I told her all about the times we would hang out when we were kids till I disappeared and she knew exactly who I was cause she got up and hugged me so hard.  I told her I was going to go eat something and would meet her there in front of the library so I could spend some time with her like we use to. She agreed hugged me one more time and said “Thank you so much for always being my friend I can’t wait to catch up with you later.” I turned around and walked right out of the door, when I was eating at this little diner I thought it seemed little odd that she hugged me like that cause it seemed like she was hiding something.

 I finished up and hurried to the front of the library and waited for Belle to show up. I felt like I was waiting forever and it was getting later and later out.  I started to get very worried and decided to go looking around for her. I walked over to this guy that was walking around with his head held high and it seemed like he only cared about himself. I felt like I was repeating myself over and over again when I asked him if he seen Belle anywhere. All he kept saying was “Hi there my name is Gaston and nobody is better than me look at my guns I could flex for days. You say your looking for Belle that girl there man she’s so beautiful that’s my bride to be whenever she gives me the answer. I already have the cake, tux and so much more all ready for her answer of course it will be a yes in all given time.” I got tired of hearing that all the time it was getting on my nervous. I walked away and continued to walk around the town looking for another place I could walk in that maybe would know who Belle is and where she lives. There was this place it looked very messy like if everything was being thrown around from place to place even had smoke filing up in the air. I walked inside and this old looking guy who looked like he was really into his business as what it seems like his an eccentric inventor. “Hi excuse me sir do you know Belle? I’m looking for her?” I asked him. “You must be Ariel. I’m Belle’s father Maurice please let’s go over there and take a seat down sorry about the mess. My dear loving Belle I’m such an idiot I got her kidnapped. See I was kidnapped and she went after me to save me but she ended up trading instead of hold me this beast is holding her hostage and I can’t do anything to save her... Please go check on her for me the beast will never expect you to show up.” He answered. He told me to go over the town bridge though the dark forest till you see other bridge which goes straight to the hidden castle but watch out everything inside talks. I thought maybe he was on something everything can’t talk and if so how? It didn’t make sense to me but I did as he said. I seen the town bridge that he was talking about went though the dark scary like forest which happened to be bigger than the other forest that I was in. The more I walked around deeper and deeper in the forest the more I started to shake because it kept getting colder and scarier you can even hear wolves howling. I was getting very tired and even hungry so I stopped and looked around hoping to find a small cottage or something. I was too lucky to find a small cottage just a few minutes in front of me but scared to find out what would happen to be inside. I knocked hoping that someone would answer and I was very surprised this cute little guy answered saying “Hi there I’m Dopey. Can I help you nice lady?” “Yes you can I been wondering the woods and I’m really tired can I please take a nap somewhere I promise I’ll be gone in the morning.” I answered. I was very surprised this cute little guy let me in but I couldn’t figure out where exactly I hear his name from. When I walked inside there were six other little guys whose name’s all sound so familiar to me. I asked them if they knew Snow White and to my surprise they did. “Poor Snow, I miss her so much” said Sneezy before he sneezed. Doc looked at me and said “let me tell you a story this girl ran away from home cause her step mom killed her father to be the queen of the town on her own. She than had to get a rid of the little princess because she didn’t want her to grow up and take over the kingdom. The little girl figured this out on her sixth birthday and decided to run away that is when she found us dwarfs. We go to work every morning till dark while we were gone one night her step mother made herself look like an old woman and gave Snow a poison apple the only thing that can break it is true loves kiss.”

I fall to my knees crying it’s like everything bad is happening to my two friends because I decided to come back home. Is this all my fault or maybe this is their destiny? The cute little dwarfs helped me get to the bed that they made Snow so I could take a nap. When they left me I continued to cry while cuddling up to the pillow she slept on. The next morning I seen those all gathered around a glass coffin that they had outside with beautiful flowers surrounding it. I went over gave the glass coffin a kiss and said out loud “I always wanted to meet you but not like this or this way.  I promise everything will get better eventually and we will meet and hang out together.

I left those sweet little dwarfs and continued on my way to go find Belle and hope that may she is doing alright. I walked through the forest ended up in this very beautiful bridge which was taking me right go this castle. I didn’t have any clue on how I was going to find Belle or even where to look. I walked around the castle a bit but still couldn’t figure out what to do or where to go. I was running out of ideals till I figured that maybe I could climb up to the balcony and hopefully get in up there. I seen these vines and used them to climb up to the balcony one hand and foot at a time. When I got up there I looked inside. The glass doors and seen this strange looking clock guy hoping around. He was walking over to the glass doors so I looked around and there was this pot with beautiful looking flowers on it and hid behind it hoping he wouldn’t see me. It was like he was in a rush because he accidently left the doors open which help me get in. I was walking around in the castle scared because at any moment I could bump into the beast or he could have cameras and see me sneaking around. I seen Belle walking inside this dark room I wanted to go up to her and tell her I’m here to save her but something told me to wait and see what happens. Belle was reaching up to touch this beautiful rose that seemed to just light up the room where it was at. The rose looked as if it was inside a glass case like it was being protected for some reason. Before Belle could touch the rose the beast grabbed her hand and said “get out” with an angry voice. I watched as Belle turned around with tears going down her face she fled the castle I could hear her running down the stairs and put the front door. I wanted to go after her but I heard someone in the room with the beast say “go after her, she could get hurt.” I looked in the room to see who else was in that room with them but all I seen was a pot was that pot really talking? I thought. The beast ran out and chased after her going down the stairs I honestly can’t believe I’m thinking this but I hope the beast catches up to her and that she is going to be okay. I decided to look around the castle hopefully I won’t get caught I couldn’t believe what I happened to see. I seen this beautiful picture of a handsome looking Prince with his either house servants or maybe even his friend’s it could even both. I heard someone coming down the hall to me so I ran the other way back to where I was at and ran straight to the balcony I came in at. When I looked down I seen Belle holding the beast hand I honestly didn’t like it but he was being so nice to her and at least she was safe. I watched closely as the beast helped her inside the beautiful castle holding her hand. Went back inside and listened hoping I could hear Belle or the beast saying something that way I could find her and save her plus even take her back home to her father. She probably won’t let me but I need to try not for her sake but for her father’s cause that’s what he would wanted me to do, I don’t want to let the old man down.

I seen Belle enter this room and waited till that little clock guy left that way I could knock and try to get her to go home. But what I couldn’t understand is if she’s a prisoner why she has a room and is free to go about the castle. I knocked on her door and when she answered she was dressed in this very beautiful golden like princess dress. The dresser looked at me and said “who are you? How you get in here?” Belle told “The dresser everything is going to be okay.” I was so very confused on how the clock guy and this dresser could even talk but they did look like someone in that picture I seen of the prince. Belle “Who’s this your talking to?” Belle said “I know it’s a lot to take in and everything but this is Madame de La Grande Bouche, she’s very nice.” I begged her to not say anything because I didn’t want the beast to know that I was in the room with Belle. I was trying to get Belle to come back home but she just kept fighting me. I looked at her gave her as hug and said “I'll always be right here for you.” Belle told me that I need to look at the goodness inside people’s heart not judge them cause of how they look and said she was invited to eat dinner with him and left. I looked at the dresser and said “When Belle comes back tell her I left to go see her father. Tell her I hope she will be safe and okay and I love her like a sister.” I walked back all the way back over to the balcony and climbed down the vines and started on my way back to the small town. When I was walking back I seen something in the forest near Snow White I hid behind a tree and continued looking on. There was this very handsome looking Prince opening the glass coffin bending in and gave her a kiss on her red lips. She woke up and looked at him reached up and wrapped her arms around him smiling afterwards they were celebrating with the seven dwarfs. I stayed right there watching them all celebrate and waited till they all left and continued on my way to the town. I could have said hi and meet her for the first time but I didn’t want to mess with that beautiful moment we will meet again I know it.

Once I got to the small town I went on my way to find Bell’s father and tell him the bad news that I couldn’t get Belle to come home. I found him working on a new invention hoping for the best to keep his mind off it all it was hard watching him and knowing what ideas going to tell him would break his heart. I said “Maurice I couldn’t get Belle to come back home but she’s doing alright I promise that she is safe and everything is going to eventually be okay.” He looked at me and said “Thanks for letting me know she’s okay I hope I see my beautiful smart loving daughter again.” I felt so bad for the old man that I stayed there in his work room with him and watched him work. I heard the door open in his work place and I was shocked as what I seen it was Belle. She ran up to me hugged me and than hugged her father with such excitement which made me so confused. She told both me and her father all about this beast what she learned and how she’s so in love with him that his letting her visit. I guess the story had rumored its way around the little town because when Belle, her father and me all went out to celebrate I heard Gaston make a jealous sound. Belle told us both she had to go back soon which scared me cause I didn’t want her to leave not again. We were all standing outside watching her getting on a horse and going back to that awful castle. We had to trust her that everything was going to be okay that eventually we were all going to see her again. Something felt wrong I couldn’t tell what it was but when she left I noticed something strange like if someone from the town was missing but I couldn’t tell who it was.

I found a horse and decided to follow after Belle just to make sure she made it back to the castle alright. On the way back to the castle that strange feeling kept getting worse the more I got closer which made me want to get there faster. Once I was there I seen Gaston climbing up the same spot that I was at earlier on today. I was going to sneak up behind him but when I looked closer I noticed something in the little light that was there it was very shiny looked like a knife. I screamed “Gaston please don’t.” but it seemed like he couldn’t hear me at all. I decided to just keep watching and hoping that Belle doesn’t get hurt but if I know anything about Gaston he won’t hurt the woman his in love with. Maybe Gaston is after the beast cause Belles in head over heels in love with him. I kept watching to see the most horrible thing I could ever see exactly what I thought was going to happened did happen. Gaston swinging down with the knife and stabbed the beast right into his chest. I was so scared and it hurt seeing Belle watch that attack with her own eyes and watch as she ran out the castle over to the beast cause he fall off the balcony. I really wanted to go over to her, hold her and say everything was going to be alright but at the same time I didn’t want to intervene with her destiny. While no one was paying any attention to me I sneak inside the castle but when I did everything seem to be changing the little clock that I seen walking around turned into a guy. I was freaking out and thought it was strange so I hurried up and got out of there when I looked over at Belle I didn’t see a beast anymore he looked like a prince.

I decided it was time to go back to my home check on my family and let them know that I’m doing just fine plus maybe even take a nap before I go back to the island to look around some more. I jumped into the water and went deeper and deeper down to the bottom of the water over to where the castle or what I call it my home is located. I noticed Sebastian and Flounder swimming around playing games together and thought it would be fun to join. They were playing hide and seek with other fishes and even all my loving sisters. They were all so happy to see me come in join in their little game that they made me be the seeker. I counted all the way to ten but when I went to go find them I ended up getting lost seeing something so wonderful above water. Sebastian caught me and started to yell at me saying “Think about what happened to your loving mother Ariel those are pirates.” I knew what he said was true but it felt like something up there was calling me so I continued to stare. When I looked down I saw my sisters and everyone going home so I ended up following them till I turned around. I went up to the top found a little hole in the boat and looked throw it when I did I seen the most handsomest guy I could ever see. I thought he seen me so I decided to go back home and find my dad to talk little bit with him and show him that I’m alright. My dad was so mad at me when I got there because it seemed that Sebastian told him about the boat. I told him I was sorry that it wouldn't happen again but I knew that it actually would. I went to my room and talked more with my sisters I learned so much about them that I actually felt like I never left at all it was such a wonderful feeling being so close to them all again. I figured it was about time to take a shower, brush my hair, and find something real nice to wear to sleep in. My sisters and me all toke turns on taking showers afterwards we sat down in front of the mirrors brushing each others hairs and than finding something really nice to wear to bed.

That morning at ten I went back up to a different side of the island hoping to see something different than what I been seeing. When I finally went up on the island I seen this castle not very far away and thought it would be cool to check it out and see who lives there. As soon as I got closer I heard screaming which scared me but I wanted to look closer to see what was happening and who it was that was screaming. I saw this beautiful girl with strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes who was wearing this brown dress with blue long sleeves and a white apron on. I seen her running straight over to this door which was right next to the window I was near so I ran over to a bush and hid. She ran over to this bench and it reminded me of all the times I seen her do this over and over again as we grew up together when I would sneak over to talk to her even play card games together till she had to go back in the house or all the times I would come get here and we would be gone all night hanging with snow white and the others. I got up and walked over to her, I don’t understand why she let’s them treat her the way they do. She remembered me and gave me a huge hug and said “I'm so glad you’re here right now I always loved when you would show up and make me feel better.” That made me smile so big knowing that I really can make people’s days better. She cried on my shoulder and held me close sometimes even tight as she told me about her past and how she can’t stand it anymore the way her family treats her. I didn’t know what to say to her or what to do all I knew was to be there to comfort her. She looked at me and said “I know you can’t do anything for me but can you promise me you will look after someone for me she was always there for me. I know it isn’t much and won’t help me one bit but she’s my friend and she needs someone to talk to not just her pet tiger, here’s a binocular that way you don’t have to go inside.” I think I knew exactly who she was talking about it was an old good friend of ours but I knew I just had to ask and see or just to make sure. I looked at her and said “are you talking about Jasmine? If so where does she live at now?” She smiled “Yes, Jasmine lives in the same place as always which odd on the other side of that mountain in a beautiful castle.” She answered. I watched as she carefully ran back inside I wish one day I wouldn’t have to see my friend go though all that trouble. I decided to leave before I was found by her family who knows what they would yell at her for than.

I walked the only way I knew to Jasmines house hoping that she was doing alright. The path I took always made me and up behind the wall of her house that way I never had to go though town and be seen by people. I climbed the tree and used the binocular to look and see over the wall more closely. As I was watching I seen her and heard her yelling and fighting with her father about getting married, she wanted to marry for love but her father wanted her to marry a prince. She sat there on the side of her little waterfall pond and started crying. I wanted to go over to her and try to make my old friend feel at least somewhat better but I couldn’t because I honestly didn’t know how to get off the tree and over the wall. I watched closely and seen her go inside her house angrily coming back out with a scarf around her head and around her mouth and I’m guessing that way no one will know who she really is. Jasmine climbed on a vine all the way to the top of the wall and grabbed the same tree but different branch and for done. I was so amazed on everything that she did and I quickly got done to go after here screaming her name. She disappeared behind a corner and when I got close she covered my mouth saying “shh Ariel you need to be quiet.” It shocked me that she remembered who exactly I was but it was amazing she did.

We walked a little bit of the way though the peasants little home town and she seen a apple from a sales cart on the side of the road reach for it. I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on I was mostly busy looking around the market. When I turned around I saw some guy protecting Jasmine and saving her from the market guards. I started running around looking all over the market but I couldn’t find her anywhere, I just had to hope that wherever is at she will be okay. I went back the same routine I took all the way back to Cinderella's place to see if she was doing okay. I seen a window half way open so I decided to peak though hoping that no one will catch me. I watched and seen how excited Cinderella was when she readied what the letter that was delivered to her door said out loud. The prince is looking for a wife we are going to have a ball party tonight at the palace everyone is invited.  Suddenly everyone was gone but I waited because I wanted to see if what will happen next like are they really going to let poor Cinderella go with them. Wow I thought as Cinderella came down the stairs walking over to her step mom and step sisters. As I watched her step mom and step sisters say “No this can’t do.” Then they pulled her dress and necklace apart making her cry I wished so much I could go in there to save her from that.

I watched as she ran toward the back door I didn’t want to be seen so I hid behind a dog house I found. I heard her crying saying “How she wishes she could go to the palace dance but no dress and no way to get there.” I peaked around the corner to see this beautiful blue light turn into a fairy godmother. “I know what to cheer you up my dear” the godmother said to Cinderella which made her look up. “What?” Cinderella cried hoping that somehow there is a chance for her after all. The fairy godmother starts singing bibbity bopity boo and suddenly a pumpkin turns into a carriage, mice turn into horses, the dog turns into the couch man it was really unbelievable. “I can’t go to a ball dressed like this?” said Cinderella. “Oh dear I forgot here you go my love” said the fairy godmother as she started to give Cinderella a new dress and a beautiful new hair style. Her new dress was so beautiful blue and her hair was put up like in a bun with a hairband on top. I continued to watch as she twirled herself close to the carriage and the couch man helped her like a gentleman inside. I notice they were about to leave so I quickly ran inside on the opposite side. As we were leaving she noticed me “Ariel!” she yelled out has if she was very happy to see me. “I seen everything that happened and decided to hurry up and get inside to go with you if that’s alright?” I asked. She seems very happy about that ideal and I found a dress hiding in the seat in front of us. I looked out the door and seen the fairy godmother looking back at me as if she knew I was there all along. I quickly put the dress on and a few minutes later we were there. The couch man got down off the back and walked over to the door opened it and held our hands as we were getting down. We walked in and it was like everyone was staring at us walking down the stairs and I think honestly we both started to love it feel like it was all in slow motion. I looked around the room as we were walking down and I seen these line of single girls waiting to dance with the Prince which is exactly were Cinderella was going to go except the Prince grabbed her hand before everyone else like he couldn’t get his eyes off of her. Over at the corner I seen belle and what I’m guessing is the beast or now a prince, Jasmine with Aladdin who was dressed like a prince but it made me happy to see she was okay, Snow White and Prince charming, we all were talking and having a good time.

I got so distracted in the conversation we were having about the beast or Prince having problems not turning back sometimes, how Snow White and Prince charming took back over her kingdom, how Jasmine and Aladdin were planning on getting married. We started to look at the big issue that was going on which was apparently Cinderella running down the stairs to get away from what I had no clue. I saw how Cinderella left behind a random glass shoe on the stairs when she was leaving. The Duke went and picked it up which the Prince yelled telling him to go find her which made everyone in the palace go home. Some girls seemed has if they were upset because the Prince cancelled the ball and even his father was upset because he didn’t know what was going on but knew his son didn’t to pick a girl to marry. My friends and I walked over told the Prince that we knew the beautiful girl wearing the blue sparkly dress. He seemed so happy to hear that news told us all to go inside his father’s office and asked us to tell him even more information about her. I told him we all knew and grow up with her ever since kindergarten and how when her father dead she was being bossed around to take care of her step mom and step sisters. He couldn’t believe that someone so beautiful was treated like a slave to some really horrible people. We told him her name was Cinderella and we were about to tell him were she was located but before we could the Duke and Cinderella walked right into the palace. Cinderella was wearing her all day everyday rag outfit with the beautiful glass shoes on. My friends and I were all invited with all of the prince's family to the beautiful and wonderful wedding that they had.

Everyone around me seemed to be all so happy laughing and holding themselves to their partners while I was just sitting by them wondering when that will be me. I told my friends I would talk to them later I just wanted to go for a walk for a little bit outside. I started to get depressed but I didn’t know what exactly to do about this to make me stop feeling this way. I walked the whole way down to the shore and remembered how much I loved to sit on this rock with my feet in the water to think. I was thinking how amazing it would be to walk down the aisle and see him smiling back at me as I walk towards him. I started to day dream about finding true love thinking about how wonderful it would feel or even be. As I was day dreaming this boat appeared from where I has no clue but it kept getting closer and closer to me and I got scared they would see my tail so I got back on the shore. “Hey there why is a beautiful girl like you all alone in a dress crying?” he said to me with a smile that could light up the whole world. I looked right at him hoping that somehow he could help me and maybe he could even be the one the right man for me. As I was about to answer him this ladder came down and hit the shore and he said “Come on up young lady and let’s talk about what I could possibly do to try and make you feel better.” I walked up the ladder all the way up and tripped but he grabbed me before I could hit the ground and I'm not sure what this attraction is butt I wanted to kiss him. He reached down as if he maybe felt the same way I did and we kissed like if in just that minute everything felt fine stress free. After the kiss happened I begin to tell him everything that was bothering me and he looked at me like if he was surprised by something I said. “I’m so sorry and I don’t mean to seem rude but you don’t have anyone to be with cause you’re a very beautiful sweet young lady.” I smiled back at him and was going to answer but he told me he had to go he would see me again soon and apologized.


I started to walk back when this random guy came out yelled and screaming saying he need help that he heard some beautiful princess was in a deep sleep and wouldn’t wake up. I didn't know if this guy was telling them truth but I knew if I was going to go I can’t go and do it alone. I seen them all sitting in the same spot I left them. I ran up to them with the random guy beside me and I’m pretty sure they knew something was up by the way they all stared at me. “We have a job to do girls let’s get ready and go save a princess.” I told them and afterwards we hurried to get our outfits on. No one knew what each other outfit’s look liked till this day. You see when we were all kids we all had this dream, this thought we would grow up as super princess saving other princess who may need saving and just be there to protect them no matter what. So today when I said “Outfits” they all knew what to do and what may need to be done. Everyone we knew thought we were just joking when we finally told them about the princess saving thing we were going to put together but that joke turned into a reality. After we were all dressed we all got a chance to look at what we all looked liked and we all looked amazing. See, belle had her beautiful dark brown hair down wearing a yellow top with off the shoulder sleeves and a round ring in the middle of the bra. A bracelet on both of her arms made of armor and a short yellow skirt with a small cloth in the front and big yellow boots. By her side she has her beast with a collar on his neck with a leash hooked to it in her hands. The beast listens to everything belle says and never anything else or what he wants because if he does he gets put in the dog house if you know what I mean. Snow White had on a blue small short armor bra on with a V-neck cut sand short sleeves. She had an armor bracelet and a belly button piercing which went around her belly. From her waist down she was wearing a small short skirt with a long yellow cloth in the middle and white stockings with yellow armor long boots. Behind her back she had a small nice looking sword which she had the sword case around her neck.  Cinderella told me she loved wearing her outfit because it made her feel strong and powerful instead of weak. She was wearing a black choker with her hair up in a bun. A blue cloth on her left shoulder connecting to the right light blue armor sleeve which both was short and connected on the right side of the bra, the middle of the bra had a round ring in the middle which had a chain attached that was going around her belly. She had a short light blue skirt with a cloth that went around on her back and another one hanging in the middle plus long armor light blue boots with a long sword hanging from her back. Finally we were waiting for Jasmine to come out we thought it was taking forever till we turned around and she was getting her tiger ready. Jasmine's has on her blue crown with a golden necklace and earrings. A blue armor bra with off the shoulder sleeves, a shield that was connected to her left arm. From her waist down she has on a short armor skirt with a long armor boot on the left and a short one on the right with white stockings. She stands up and said “We ready” holding a nice sword in her right hand with her tiger by her left. Now my outfit on the other hand was as pink bra with off the shoulder sleeves in a ring in the middle of the bra and armor bracelet's with my long red hair down. From my waist down there is a short pink skirt with a long armor on the right side and long white stockings with pink armor short boots. Around my neck I had a necklace with the letter “A” on it and a nice beautiful belly button piercing. Since we were all done and ready to go I started thinking wouldn’t it be awesome if since this is our dream of saving beautiful princesses like yourself why don’t we build a underground tunnel that only we knew how to get inside of like something private that only we knew about and something that was out of reach of our castles hopefully they will like it.

This random guy showed us exactly where to go to find this princess it was a straight shot right into the forest. After the walk in the forest there was this beautiful castle which was all covered in vines. It was so hard to get in and even to look inside the castle but if there was a princess we were hoping she was okay. We all turned around to talk to that random guy but he was no where to be found. I couldn’t understand how this guy needed help but yet disappears because what if this was a set up, we couldn’t figure it out. We saw a window that was covered with vines so we had Cinderella who had the biggest sword cut the vines as we all followed right behind. When we walked in we seen people lying down on the ground and up the stairs there was the princess on her bed with her mom holding her hand beside her on her knees. We heard someone walking towards us has were we standing in front of the door to the princesses room so we all decided to go down the hall to our left’s and find a way to hide. Cinderella, Snow, Jasmine, and I were all inside the bathroom while I looked out inside the hallway telling them everything that I seen. This nice handsome guy walked up the stairs and went inside the princesses’ room. When he turned around and I had a good chance to look at his face he looked exactly like the random guy that was with us. I was thinking maybe his sword wasn’t strong enough but when he noticed we got inside he followed after us. He went right up to the sleeping princess and kissed her right on the lips and hugged her right close to him. It was like magic watching how the vines were slowly going away and everyone was waking up. When I told Snow White, Jasmine, Belle, and Cinderella we knew we had to jump out of the palace without being caught. We looked around the bathroom hoping to find a way out and all we seen was a small window which was perfect size for us all to get out of. Belle started laughing and we didn’t know why till she whistled and we seen her beast come out of no where’s preparing for us to what it seemed like jump on his back. One at a time we fall down on his back from two stories high and one at a time we got off except for Belle she hanged on. Jasmine got on her tiger while Snow White and I ran and we all headed out for the forest. Once we were in the forest and away from the castle I noticed how Belles Beast disappeared in the night light away from us why I had no clue. We all looked at the castle and pointed out things that were different before we went inside it.

“People are moving and talking” said Jasmine.

“Lights are on all around the palace” said Cinderella.

“Even the vines are all gone” said Snow.

“look at those flowers around the palace” I said.

We all decided to turn around and get out of there before someone sees us in the first and think since we are dressed like this we will do something bad. We had no clue where we were or even how to get out but we knew we had to try. We kept walking on when we started hearing something strange coming closer and closer towards us.  Everyone gathered around in a circle looking different ways that way nothing would come at us in a surprise. We all had our weapons ready prepared for anything good or bad butt no matter what nothing bad happens to us.

There was this beautiful woman walking towards us wearing a outfit kind of like ours in a way. She has blonde hair and a pink armor short top with a belly button piercing and a golden like necklace. Going down she was wearing a short skirt with a long like thing in there front hanging down with short stockings and pink armor high heel boots. “Sorry to scary you guys, my name is Aurora but everyone calls me sleeping beauty” She said smiling and showing us her blue eyes. Cinderella looked at her and asked “ Where are you going Aurora?” we were all looking at her in wonder but also confused cause she looked just like the girl sleeping in that palace. “I heard someone needs help in a tower and I was on my way to go and try to help her” she replied.  Jasmine whistled and the next thing we all seen was a falling carpet in the sky. She jumped on it and went higher and higher in the air looking down from up above. Eventually she came back down safely has she can and said “The tower is over that way but I would be careful cause someone had to have locked her in there and is hiding somewhere plus that girl must be scared.” We looked at each other while walking towards the tower and we know we don’t know her and that this could be a trap but if it was we can take on anything. Everyone started to get scared the more and more we got closer to this so called tower.  We all were at the end of the forest with a range of grass and land in front of us when we seen this guy climb up this beautiful long blonde hair to the window up top and used it to exit the tower. The guy and the young lady with very long blonde hair were running toward us scared out of her mind it looked liked. This evil looking old lady was on her horse riding after them yelling at them couldn’t hear what she was saying but I know we all had to do something to make sure that the princess and the gentleman can get away. I used my trident to shield the young beautiful princess and the Prince away from the evil old lady while Aurora, Snow, and Jasmine had their swords out in front of me. Cinderella was holding her big sword in the air as she was standing in front of them waiting for the old lady to get closer to us while Belle whistled calling the beast. The beast came stretching down the tower to the ground and fall right in front of the horse which made the horse kick it’s feet in the air and drip the old lady to the ground and it ran away scared. The beast picked the old lady up by his mouth and climbed slowly up the tower to the window throws her in and disappeared again in the night. He seems to disappear so easily into the night like a ghost I guess I could say but it was so amazing.

Afterwards we all went to a palace that had these nice and bright lights in the sky where it seems like people were actually celebrating but what we didn’t know. All the people from all over the island were there watching as we all walked up the stairs with the gentleman and the beautiful blonde woman in the middle off us for their protection. “Thank you for saving my beautiful daughter Rapunzel and bring her home, your welcome to come inside and I’ll tell everyone what had happen to our daughter while she gets cleaned up” Said her mother. We all went inside while Rapunzel was getting cleaned up and the gentleman was sitting beside us. The father said “ we never knew about her magical healing powers in which her hair contains that evil old woman Gothel was selfish and wanted it to help her look younger so she kidnapped Rapunzel and raised her in that tower. Every year on her birthday we put floating lights in the sky hoping she will see them and find her way home. But now thanks to you and Flynn Rider she is safe and Flynn I take all the charges away from you.” We didn’t know what charges he had but we didn’t care because the princess is home now and that’s all that matters to us.

We decided to leave and on the way to Aurora’s place we stopped at Cinderella's place to get changed back into our old outfits we had on and hid our uniforms we now like to call them in a hidden part in her closet. Once we made it to Aurora's place we noticed that it was decorated as if she was going to have a wedding in her house. She wanted us all to be her bridesmaids and we agree so we all walked inside her bedroom closet and changed. Aurora had on a beautiful dress with a nice but small golden like crown on her head as she walked towards the priest. After the wedding we went outside and sat around this very nice fire to warm up. Aurora wanted to tell us all about what had happened to her and why she told us she was nicknamed sleeping beauty.  “My mother on my birthday had a celebration party. Three fairies were there to give me gift, Flora gave me the gift of song, Fauna gave me the gift of beauty but before Mayweather could give me here’s this evil girl wearing nothing but black named Maleficent appeared in a cloud of black smoke in which she gave me a curse. This curse wouldn’t happen till I turned sixteen years old and it would happen when I prick my finger on a spindle of a spinning wheel and I would die. Luckily when Mayweather was able to give me her gift she made the curse softer meaning that I wouldn’t die but be put to sleep and be awoken by a true loves kiss. My mother and father were afraid so they wanted me to grow up with them in the forest and as I grew up I became friends with the forest animals. I was always called Briar Rose and they never told me anything about my past for my own good. One day I went into the forest dancing around with my forest friends and my husband here could hear me sing I invited him to go see my aunt’s or the fairies but he said he had to go. When I told them I fall in love with this handsome Prince that I met they told me all about how I was forced to marry someone. When I turned sixteen they decided to take me back home but all I could think about doing was crying alone in my room cause of a broken heart. That evil Malfeasant came into my room as I was crying put me in a trace to go upstairs where there was a spinning wheel and I pricked my finger.” Aurora's husband Phillip smiled at us all and said “Those nice fairies found me in Malfeasant’s dungeon granted the sword of truth and shield of virtue on me. I was on my way to the castle when I seen you Ariel kissing that guy and I thought I would wait for a good time to get your attention.” After he said that Jasmine, Snow, Belle and even Cinderella was going off in surprise that I lift them to go make put with some guy but I said to them “I didn’t leave you guys to go make out with some guy, I was sitting by myself thinking with my feet in the water. I noticed there was a boat coming so I hurried up and got my feet out if the water before he could see my secret. I got up and he offered me to go up on his ship with him and when I did I tripped and fall. Guys in that moment it felt just so right and we kissed but I sadly don’t know his name or anything really about him. “After I told them my story I gave Phillip a hand sign telling him to go ahead and continue so he starts by saying “After you girls were ready and we went to the castle I waited till your friend found a way in than I disappeared around the corner if the palace and waited till I seen you guys go inside and went over to the opening and looked around the corner. When I didn’t see you guys I went inside and I knew you guys most have heard me so I went up stairs and I felt you all watching every step or everything I did and would leave when you notices everyone was waking up. As soon as you all left evil Maleficent showed up to try and kill me by turning into a dragon but I killed it with my sword straight into the dragon’s heart.”

I walked away from all of them again and looked around hoping that maybe my so called Prince would shoe up and you wouldn’t believe it he was there staring right at me from far. I couldn’t help myself from running straight to him and jumped right into his arms and he held me tight to his chest. He finally happened I was happy and we both wanted to be together to get married and have a family together. We decided to go back up to where my friends to see them all laughing and just getting along. When they seen us walking towards them holding each other hands they all couldn’t help themselves by said “Awwww.” Or “look how cute they look.” I started to blush, smile and even try to hide my face behind his shoulder.  “When are you guys going to get married” said Cinderella. I felt embarrassed but when I looked at him it was like he wanted to say something but instead he just told us to follow him but why? What’s going on? I was thinking and why wouldn’t he say it out loud? We all followed after him just to see that he had his ship decorated with a red trail going to the front of the ship which had a priest standing there waiting. I walked on to the ship and looked in the ocean wishing that if I was going to get married to this guy that my father would be here somewhere watching with my sisters. As we were getting married I looked in the distances and I couldn’t believe it they were there all watching me smiling.

A month later we were all happy, married and made our own secret underground in the middle of the island where we keep our uniforms, swords, plus even our cars and more. This place was a small house where all us girls hang out at to chat but what no one knows not even our husband’s sand families was in our basement was the underground lair. To get into the underground lair you had to go to the small blank wall and put your hand on it which will open a elevator. When the elevator would come up to us we had to get on it by letting it read our eyes. The underground liar had a different car’s for each of us with one tunnel that leads straight to a rump which leads up to a cave in the middle of a forest and a trial going to the road even a tunnel leading all the way to the human island. These cars had a very special design for each of us that way we knew which one belongs to whom. My car was pink with a picture of a shell on the top and a fish on the side, my car was a convertible which spits out water and forks on everyone. Belle had a picture of the beast on her car which was yellow and it throws balls of fire at people and even talks itself. Cinderella had a light blue car with a picture of a nice on it which throws brooms and cleaning supplies. Jasmine had a picture of a tiger and a statue tiger on the hood and it was a blue color and throws bombs of money. Snow White had a dark blue car which had pictures of forest animals on it and throws poison apples around. Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty had a pink car with forest animals on it and throws sharp needles. Rapunzel had a purple car with a picture of a lizard on it which throws pans at people’s head. We became secret superhero princesses maybe a cooler nickname would be better but we put our business online and the newspaper we don’t only save princesses we also save human people who we think are princesses. Maybe soon there will be someone looking for help and will hopefully find us. But till than time to hang with family and friends if you need anything you know who to call. 

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