Something is Wrong

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Can't really explain this one...least not easily. Suffice to say; have you ever looked at someone, in real time or in a photograph, and think, something is off? What's on their mind? That's what this is.

Submitted: July 24, 2017

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Submitted: July 24, 2017



Your smile has grown dim.

Your eyes have become cool and distant.

Once so filled with life, now even more reserved and mysterious.

What has doused thy fiery spirit?

What has made thy spark to flicker?

Merely exhaustion?

Or something deeper?

The ache it causes to look upon your changed countenance,

I cannot describe. 

Like a wilting rose; to know it's dying,

Remembering everything it has come to mean,

to know that is fading.

Am I to lose you, though I never truly had you.

I cannot imagine a world where you do not exist.

It disinterests me so.

Were an elixir ever made, to allow one to live in fantasy,

I would choose that over my reality.

For there, one does not lose one's friends,

real or not.

I cannot bear the thought of your soul being crushed.

Would that I could help you, comfort you.

I suppose my thoughts will have to do.

I pray you receive them well, and hold them dear.

And know, someone somewhere,

loves your heart,

your mind,

your personality.


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