A story about internal conflict

Atop the building looking down

The cold hard concrete on the ground

I often wonder, were I not there

Would people even care?


One step off and down I’d fall

Would I scream, or make no noise at all

So here I stand, do they wonder where?

Do people even care?


Do I step and bring the end?

Or do I stay and just pretend

Behind the mask, my lifeless stare

Why would people even care?


Then I see at second glance

The people given second chance

The rich and homeless, food they share

The people who really truly care


The elderly who cross the street

By help of younger healthy feet

The people selfless everywhere

Now people seem to truly care


And letting go would close my chapter

And bring about the end of laughter

So looking back from here to there

Life is good when people care.

Submitted: July 25, 2017

© Copyright 2023 Lucas McDevitt. All rights reserved.

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Bert Broomberg

I enjoyed this.

Tue, July 25th, 2017 9:03am


Thanks! It was written over the course of a hard time in my life.

Tue, July 25th, 2017 3:23pm


Total sadness but then a glimmer that all might not be so bad? Very well-composed. Good job.

Tue, July 25th, 2017 4:28pm


Thanks! I really appreciate the kind words!

Tue, July 25th, 2017 3:23pm

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