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I hope it's good...haha have not read this story since 2012 it's my second ever story about a ouija board.

Submitted: July 24, 2017

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Submitted: July 24, 2017






My name is tim I was once a proud student of Plainwell High School I was what you would call an over achiever anytime anybody had a question I was always the first person to give an answer I was right most of the time. I did have quite a lot of friends however I was never involved in cliques. Because that kind of stuff never really mattered to me or my friends popularity is a joke. However there was one major group I was involved in that meant the world to me it was the yearbook group. We meet every Wednesday and Fridays after school let out. We had a cool teacher who was in charge mr. marx he would always joke with us. However he was a very religious man he wore a cross necklass and everyday he had on a shirt that had some bible quotes on it today it read ‘’ john 3:16 for god so loved the world he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’’ I walked in to the meeting he was sitting at the desk everybody sat around him as he was reading the bible than god said ‘’Satan has a plan and has had it from the beginning his plan is to deceive the souls of mankind in vain attempt to become god.’’ But that is enough from the bible for one day. Now everybody see you on Friday I have a date with my wife tonight hehe.As mr. marx got up and left the library. I started towards the door when I hered my name being shouted across the room yo tim! It was my friend matt hey I said me and him have been friends since fourth grade we are now in eleventh. Altho im a christen I sometimes wonder if he is too. That was a really cool leason from the bible today about satan. He sounds like one badass wanting to steal souls. Ya I guess I reply. I don’t believe in the devil at all I think it’s stupid how could somebody live underground for all eternity especially in fire?He just sounded cool ok well I don’t mean to be rude but my mom’s waiting for me so I have to go ok later bro. as the next day approached we were in the middle of our art class we had mr. marx we were supposed to work on a sketch of ourselves. Mine was turning out ok considering im not an artist. matt walked up to mr.marx how does the devil live in hell and what does hell look like? Well he is a very bad spirit who can possess people if they contact any forms of paranormal activity. And as for what hell looks like I never saw it but the bible refers to as aplace where fire is all around . Ok matt replies going back to his seat. As the bell rings for us to go home I go over towards the bus. Hey tim.huh? I turn to my left there’s matt im going to a Halloween store right know to find some sort of costume you care to join me? Right know? I ask.ya. ok as I walk towards matt’s car it’s a 2012 silver chevy. As I shut the door matt speeds off completely forgetting the 20 mile per hour speed limit.As we approach the Halloween store the store is called fright- fulween. We both get out of the car I enter the building noticing all the spooky costumes and equipment the store has like right when you enter there is a giant ten foot EMF meter that blares a red light in your face which is supposed to indicate a ghost. As I look around there’s everything from Yoda masks to pin head masks. This is definitely the place to shop for on Halloween I walked over towards all the creepy manikins. All were dressed in black robes with a scythe just like the grim reaper. I got close to the third one to examine it a little better when all of a sudden the scythe moved whoa! I jumped back as the scythe rose higher and in one swift movement came forcefully down upon my neck.


It had stopped right at my neck than the reaper’s hood came down and it was a lady not just any lady she looked like she was 20 very pretty. She smiled at me hey. Hi I replied. I didn’t mean to scare you. she started oh that’s ok you didn’t I just didn’t want to loose my head I laughed she laughed back. Which meant she liked my joke? My names Marissa she stuck her hand out. I’m Tim I said as I reached my hand out to shake hers. Nice meeting you she said. At this time I completely forgot my reason for being here when matt says from behind me hey who’s your friend? Oh this is Marissa. Nice meeting you I’m matt. So what brings you two in here? We’ll I want a costume said matt haha aren’t you a little too old to trick or treat tho? I guess said matt you two would be more interested in oh forget it. What I start you can tell us what will we be interested in? oh nothing it was stupid im not gonna say. Please I beg. We’ll if you must insist she starts. In the back room here we have A Ouiji board you two could purchases.A ouiji board? Says matt excitedly. Ya says Marissa. Whats with the interest I ask matt oh nothing matt says except my neighbors had one and strange stuff happened to them. Oh ya so can I see this board? Say’s matt. Sure let me go get it. If only we new what we were getting ourselves into. We would have said no about purchasing it. About two minutes later marissa returned with a very creepy looking old ouiji board it had a picture of a sun on the right upper hand corner and on the left it had a half moon. The board itself had all the letters of the alphabet and the numbers one threw ten written on it. Pretty creepy huh? Said marissa. No said matt we’ll take it! he said excitedly. Matt I start are you sure I mean do you even know what a ouiji board is? Ya you talk to spirits on a planchette. I must warn you two that if you do want this board it’s a very dangerous game which you may accidently summon something you didn’t anticipate on. Like what? Matt asks. Um well a demon or possible the devil. Whoa the devil? Yes says marissa. Trust me you don’t want that!. Some people even refer to it as opening the door to the underworld. Cool said matt. I’ll take it. Ok says marissa as she walks to the register to ring it out matt hands her thirty dollars. Ok thanks for shopping you two good luck stay safe. Thanks I say waving back to her. As we leave the store matt says man I can’t wait to get home and play with this board hehe. Didn’t you listen? It’s dangerous. Pssh like I just wasted thirty dollars just to leave the ouiji board on my dresser? The hell im playing with it. Matt gets out of the car walks with the board to the kitchen takes the board out puts it on the kitchen table. He puts his hands on the planchette and asks right away is this game dangerous? As he awaits an answer his mom enters the kitchen hi matt how was schoo- oh my god? Is that what I think it is a ouiji board? Yes we went to the Halloween store matt I don’t want you ever playing with that in my house ever she says taking the planchette and ouiji board. But mom its just a game matt starts. Ya a game of life and death. End of discussion no playing with it. She leaves the kitchen with the board. My mom thinks she has put an end to the ouiji board but she has not. My mom when she takes things away always leaves it in the same spot in her bedroom closet. She usually leaves the house at seven because she has the night shift over at the hospital she is a nurse. Ok by tim I’m going to work know. she says. Ok I say bye. After I make sure my mom leaves the house I run to her bedroom and make a right towards the closet I see the ouiji board on the shelf I grab it. Now I have you back. I say as I shut the door I walk over to the family room my cell phone goes off. I answer hello? “dude tim it’s me matt I have news for you I’m coming over now’’ he hangs up. About ten minutes later I see matt running he busts threw the door. Panting dude pant pant what I say. I heard theres an empty house a few blocks down that the house has been empty for fifteen years! The previous owner was murdered there. You’re telling me this why? I ask. Because you have the ouiji board and we can bring it down there and try to communicate…I interrupt him before he finishes you’re crazy! That wouldn’t work and just because the guy got murdered doesn’t exactly mean it’s haunted. Well dude I have other stories about that house I got from people who investigated it. One person said he tried spending the night and the room got so cold he thought he was going to freeze to death he said someone or something picked him up off the ground and pushed him down the stairs. Another girl said she and her friend played kickball and there ball went in the house they both went after it as soon as they got in the door slammed shut locked the house started shaking violently and a voice screamed GET OUT. Ok ok I believe you I said. Cool matt said. bring the ouiji board and let’s go. I grab the board and we were on our way not having any clue what we were about to unleash. This is pretty creepy I say as we walk through the grass I step on a twig yikes. Relax it’s just a twig I remind myself soon we got to the old house. It’s quite big can definitely tell it’s old rusted down paint chipped all over as we walk to the front door matt freezes in place I think to myself maybe matt has realized this isn’t such a good idea maybe he won’t go through with this next thing I know matt reaches out grabs the handle forcefully opens the door we here a loud squeak as the big metal door opens much to our chagrin the inside of the house is only half as creepy as the outside however it has a bunch of old paintings like the mona lisa and the pictures seem to stare at us. I gulp as matt walks over to the center of the room sets the ouiji board down on the table. And says ‘’boy this place sure is creepy’’ you think I say sarcastically. There’s a big swirl in the staircase the carpet going upstairs is all red and there’s a big u shapped couch and a chair. Ok matt says stairing at the ouiji board ‘’let’s begin.’’ Every now and then we here strange noises coming from upstairs it’s just the old house I reassure myself there’s no ghost. As matt stares at the board he summons up the courage to take his fingers and put them on the planchette I do the same then all of a sudden I feel an eerie chill matt this doesn’t feel right I say let’s get out of here while we can. No way. Tim don’t be such a coward this is cool. Next thing I know matt asks the board is there someone with us right know? Staring at the planchette nothing seems to be happening. This is dumb let’s go I say. No dude stay alright I say drip drip drip there must be a Brocken faucet somewhere all of a sudden from upstairs we here a loud bang as if a door slammed shut. What the? Matt says as he gets up runs towards the stairs. HELLO? ANYONE THERE? He shouts matt come back I say we don’t know who it was for all we know the murderer could still be living here. I doubt that. matt says we here a bang again this time matt runs full force up the stairs shouting WHO’S HERE? Matt I yell come back but matt doesn’t where are you matt says opening up doors the first door seemed to be a master bedroom there was a huge bedroom a few dressers a plasma screen tv and a window. Nothing here matt says walking to every door. A few minutes later matt walks back down the steps I run up to him. Well? Theres nothing must have been a raccoon or something. As matt sits back down a look of shock in his face uh tim were you messing with the board? No I was near the steps why. Cause I could have sworn we left the planchette on the letter u now it was on ‘’yes’’. Shit I say. Oh man this is too cool says matt. What do you mean cool we have no idea what is happening. I do matt says think the loud bang was obviously whatever this ghost is gulp dude shut up. No I mean we asked if someone was here and the board replied yes. Cmon matt I have a better question. As matt puts his hands on the planchette ‘’was that you who slammed the door?’’ a few seconds later the planchette actually moves to the ‘’Y-E-S. ‘’ gulp. Sweet ‘’so are you a ghost were you the man who was murdered here?’’ Matt asks. Oh common dude I say. A few minutes later the planchette moves to S-O-M-E-T-H-I-N-G –E-L-E-S wow says matt ‘’what are you?’’ common dude I say angrily. C-A-N-N-O-T –S-A-Y. I’m leaving I say as I get up and walk to the door ‘’dude it’s spelling again. –Y-O-U-R-T-O-O-L-A-T-E.huh the doors locked wow dude that’s a pretty lame joke says matt. I’m not joking this doors locked ya uhuh. Matt gets up walks over to the door tries opening it hey it really is locked. Told you matt starts pounding on the door open up the board levitated from the table oh shit. I say. The board starts spelling out Y-O-U-R-I-N-M-Y-H-O-U-S-E-N-O-W. gulp see matt we shouldn’t have came. Ya well we did. Ya no thanks to you I-M-S-O-M-E-T-H-I-N-G-Y-O-U-N-E-V-E-R-D-E-A-L-T-W-I-T-H got that right I say. Just then the planchette launches itself right at me whoa I duck that was a close call AHHHH we here a scream then here loud footsteps running up the stairs what the fu..i say as the house shakes per foot step. What is that I ask. Whatever it is it is not letting us out matt says.

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