Cult Wars #1: The Folly of Detective Clonden

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Submitted: July 24, 2017

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Submitted: July 24, 2017



Chapter One

"And so the bartender says, "Well if you wanted a beauty, you should've had a double shot!" says the young detective, laughing at his own punchline. There is a slight pause before the older detective gives a chuckle. "Get it?! Cause the chick's a dude!" says the young detective as he catches his breath.

"Get your game face on, rookie!" commands the elder detective through his chuckle. He knocks on the door. Nothing. He goes to knock again, but the door is opened by a middle aged woman in a robe.

"Oh, Det. Clonden!" exclaims the woman with a smile as she makes eye contact with the elder detective. She then notices the second younger gentleman, and quickly changes face. "Have you found anything on my husband'"

"We're doing all we can, Margery. Couple of leads, this and that.." says Det. Clonden as he scratches his head, "Ya know we actually had a couple questions for you. Just to kinda clear a few things up, close a couple theories."

"Whatever I can do to help, Louis. You gentlemen come on in now." says the woman, "I'll tell you anything you need to know." She opens the door further and stands aside.

"Margery?" asks the younger detective before he enters. Det. Clonden cuts him a look before going inside.

"We're not going to bother you long, Ma'am", says Det. Clonden.

"It's really not a bother, Detective." says Margery, "I know you and my husband were very close."

"Actually, about your husband", says Det. Clonden as he sits on the couch, "I couldn't help but notice the pillow in the desk in his office and the extra clothes in his closet. Now sure we all know what it's like to pull an all nighter or two but-"

"He always came home. Is that what you were going to say?", asked the newly widowed woman. "Honestly, I'm not sure what changed, but if you're asking if we had issues at home I can assure you-"

"Oh no Ma'am! Not at all!" interjected the young detective nervously, "It's just that-"

"This is my new partner", says Det. Clonden, squinting his eyes in annoyance, "Det. Babyface or some shit. I don't know."

"Actually Ma'am, It's Haville. Det. Allen Haville." says the young detective as he reaches in to shake the widow's hand.

"Det. Onesie, why don't you get us some coffee from the bodega down the street." asks Det. Clonden as he slaps the rookie's hand away.

"Coffee...sure" answers the young man as he makes his way towards the door and leaves, mumbling to himself.

"I wanted to keep this between us, Margey." says Det. Clonden as he pulls a booklet from his pocket. "I stumbled onto this while going over his personal effects. This is his case log Marge. He never left this lying around. Now I believe he left this as some sort of clue, so I've been combing through it a bit."

"Did you find anythng helpful?" asks Margery with a slight reluctance.


"Yes and no." says Det. Clonden while flipping through the booklet. "He was looking into something odd, off the books. Much of this doesn't really make sense to me. Doesn't have much actual info except he keeps mentioning something called the "Motherhood"." He begins to thumb through a section. "It speaks of certain phrases used to identify potential members of a secret society. Much of it looks like babble until I get to this page. It mentions the possibility that most of Chicago P.D. belongs to this Motherhood. Not only that, but it goes into possible shot callers known as the Shadow Sisters. It even lists possible church locations." Det. Clonden closes the booklet. "What I couldn't wrap my head around is why he would have so many theories without going to the upper level at least once. Then I read this, and it clicked. My partner, your husband, was poking around some rather powerful players, and I think someone poked back."

"Oh my, I dont really know how to process all of this." confesses Margery as she turns her attention towards her back door for just a split second. "I mean I'm no sleuth, but I always figured it was someone he put away out for revenge. "Oh!" exclaims the woman as she stands from her chair. "Where are my manners? Would you like a drink of lemonade, Louis? I made some a few hours ago. Idle hands you see." says Margery as she makes her way to the kitchen. There is a loud crash. The sound of a glass pitcher breaking on the tile floor can be heard. " Oh dear! Could you please help me with this mess? I believe I've cut myself!"


"Of course!" says Det. Clonden as he enters the kitchen, "I don't see any mess here-"




"You men never seem to notice the messes you create", says Margery as she lights a cigarette on a decorative stem. Det. Clonden quickly turns his gaze towards the direction of the blow.

"Baby...face?" utters the broken detective with his last breath. His eyes roll back. His body falls to the ground, lifeless.

"Marvelous! You have done well, little brother!" says Margery as she turns her attention to the assailant, the now stone faced Det. Havell.

"Your gratitude is wasted on a wretch, Sister Shadow. I live to serve the Lightless Mother. Hail Umbrana!", declares Det. Havell as he stands motionless, awaiting his next command. Margery gives a slight smile, makes her way to the cubbard, and returns to Det. Havell.

"And serve the Lightless Mother you shall, dear brother." declares Margery as she takes the bloody candle holder from Det. Havell's hand, and replaces it with a hacksaw.



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