The Mist 2: Blue County

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The government rules has changed the town’s name, from Green County to Blue County; the new year has come For Sex Ed; this is Danielle’s second year of teaching Sex Ed, her and the students make their way to class, on the first day back at Riverdale high school. Danielle teaches the students how to put a condom on a banana; then she showed some adult movies; The students thinks that Danielle is a cool teacher, and they never want to lose her. After School Danielle went to the nightclub, and she met a guy named Peter; They went back to his place and hooked up, started making love in the bedroom, they moaned and groaned; Moments later Danielle Sprayed Blue mist out of her mouth, and it poisoned Peter. Danielle went to put the body in the trunk and drive down to the lake, She grabbed Peter and threw him in the water; Danielle got rid of the body and she made her way home, she washes her face to get the blue mist off, she pretends to have memory loss, that nothing happened, but it really did. The ambulance, Cops and Live camera’s were at the lake broadcasting Peter’s body, its been two months and they haven’t caught the killer yet; the students made their way to Sex Ed they were saying Peter got murdered last night, The students were thinking if Danielle had anything to do with it, they made their way to the police station, and they said in the interview, I think we know who the killer is! Danielle our teacher; what makes you so sure, we can tell she acts a bit weird, and in class when we know people who got murdered, she doesn’t want to talk about it, so who else would’ve done it, its common sense; the police typed her name on the computer, Danielle Austin! And she lives at 37 King St Blue County! Danielle had an hallucination, that the cops are after her, she magically teleported to a safe place, to make sure the cops cant find her. Danielle hasn’t been coming in to work, she got fired from being the Sex Ed Teacher, and the policy rule towards her, is not to be seen on the school grounds ever again; because Principle Fisher fired Danielle, she wanted to get revenge on him, she followed him all the way to his house and she parked her car to a spot where she couldn’t be seen Principle Fisher went inside his house, he went to go watch tv in the lounge room, when Danielle teleported in his house behind him, she then says hello Principle Fisher, He gasped and looked back at her, she stares straight at him, as the blue mist sprayed out of her mouth and poisoned him. Principle Fisher was admitted to the hospital, how everyone knows Danielle was involved, the doctor explained to the cops and some of the students at riverdale high, The mist was poison and it putted him in a coma; we’re going to try everything we can, but he might not make it. The doctors and nurses went to check on him, and they said no pulse I will go tell them the news; Guys I’m sorry, he’s gone; the school has been shut down for two weeks because of the circumstances; The cops went on a tracking website to see where they can find Danielle, to destroy her, for killing innocent people.











The tracking website says Danielle is located at a beach house one hour past Blue county, The cops quickly went in the car, and drove to the beach house where Danielle is. Will The cops Put Danielle in her Place? Few Minutes later, they arrived at the beach house, and went inside; They Spotted Danielle, and aims their gun at her; Danielle chucked a chair at the cops, for a distraction; she quickly ran upstairs while the cops follow her to the bedroom, she was near the window, and the cops said freeze Danielle! she committed suicide by jumping out the window, and the cops saw that she took her own life, they grabbed the body and buried her; It looks like the cops have solved the case, and Danielle is out of everyone’s lives for good; when the students at Riverdale high knew Danielle was long gone, they went to her grave, and wrote; rot in hell you fucking whore; after that they all spitted on her grave, then left the graveyard; after all, the students knew Danielle was not a good teacher, if there ever was a new teacher for Sex Ed, the Students hope they get a better Teacher then her, Sex Ed will be more Popular.

The End......................................

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