Tessel Fire

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Submitted: July 24, 2017

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Submitted: July 24, 2017



Stunning atmosphere.

We only curse the fear.

Buried again ,

In the hole of the sinking sand .

Like fragile oysters

in a cove.

Pearls reflect the hearts in mold .

As gorgeous eyes

in the chamber's sights.

Starve the mercy

in the dead of night .

Mindless incision

is in my hands .

I want to watch the scars

as they mend .

The fire always warmed me through.

The echo of love

that was way past due .

And from my window

the only view .

Is you holding pales

to put it out.

Bands of my rage ,

has always been tucked away .

In the life of my veins .

Behold the DNA.

The conception

brought a feeling of peace.

A slideshow future

in my dreams .

Where I held a new love

and did nothing but cry .

I blessed the fallen omen

in a mercury sky .

I tripped on lies

and never asked why .

I meant it through each second

that we said goodbye .

As the barrier breaks

the water flows like rain .

In a scenario of fantasy

life is never the same .

So I pour this dedication

into a tampered skin .

That thins like the harness

you have kept me in .

I put the worries all to rest

and sealed the pain

with a kiss of death .

We faltered at the breeze

under a

half moon's crest.

As the fire thirsts like a summer drought;

You start to seize but can only shout .

And from the pillars

the only view.

Is you smiling with dust

as you put it out.

So I lit the match

across the ruin's door .

With trembling knees

I hit the floor .

The temple dances in the flames

yet , the face of her memory

released my shame.

I heat the stars

to melt my wish.

That we could be a kindle

that can exist.

The pales are not made for you.

The well is dry

Inside of you.

Love is too stout.

Only one to put it out.

All of these days.

My rage tucked away .

I haggle with guilt

upon a broken mess.

To be put out forever

would be my last request .

In the mercury sky ,

we float higher.

Into the mystic

of the tesseled fire.

All of my rage

has been let go .

I'll always love you .

I just thought you should know ..

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