The Hidden Fusion Of Silver Linings

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Submitted: July 25, 2017

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Submitted: July 25, 2017



Two metallic rings

glimmer in the sun.

The mark of hatred has came undone .

A man in black

with a heart in attack .

Tucked her letter

within his slacks.

Ready or not

the time has come.

For a mother to bare

her awaiting son .

Eyes reveal a crippled daze.

Like a caterpillar in a pupil stage.

The droplets rise the roaring stream.

Damps the hair ,

brown as coffee beans.

The empty thoughts

spin within his head.

As the first cry was heard

from a manger bed.

Sunrise always shined so bright.

The day of danger

hid in fright .

As the sea carried the bottle

into the tide.

The silver linings

had said goodbye.

Blood on his hands.

She wrecked the loving plans.

To betray at ease.

The muted screams.

Hurricanes swallow the ocean whole

As a million teardrops

drown in the undertow .

The clouds turn gray

from the sadness of age.

His heart was trapped

inside her maze.

Of a lethal illusion

And a black hidden fusion .

Love has entered a realm

of confusion.

He contemplates his ode to escape.

But the man suffocates in

a lonesome fate.

She knows his pride

eats him alive inside.

So she prays to the heavens

that he will survive.

Without her crutch

And without her touch .

The pins of needles

inflict too much .

Pain .

Until they meet again.

The silver linings

are lost again.

In a moment

he sees the past

beholding beauty at rest

at last.

As the father cries

the darkness hides ,

Like the wake of summer from July.

The bottle still travels in the tide.

Awaiting for her answer

to be his loving bride.

But, the day is new again

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