Garden of Promises

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Submitted: July 25, 2017

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Submitted: July 25, 2017



White horizon folded in my eyes

Coming forth, unstoppable rush

Bring me to the lost world

Without a life knowing it


Breathless promises fade in thin air

Meaningless is the only the left

Withered seed left in open eyes

Tearing up the emotional behind


Withered flowers left their petals

Seed of happiness died inside my sight

Dark ground colored the world

Tree we lean back to, waiting for the death call


Plain field without life

Emptiness crowded the silence

Faint echoes fill the dead silence

Engrave dead grave inside my fantasy


Beneath this naked feet

Stepped into the unholy paradise

Forgotten how we are

Inside our darkest path


This land now cursed

By our dream

That never been shout 

Crush our reality endlessly


Our wings have broken

Our heart are divided

Seperate world turns to grey

Our garden left consumed by time


Our hands didn't reach us perfectly

Our promise left here

Printed perfectly between our space

Now has been covered by dust


The world that all our wish for

Now has been forgotten

Beyond all false hope

Only hope for one last chance

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