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the catbird returns home

Submitted: July 25, 2017

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Submitted: July 25, 2017




Catbird returned home

Licking its wings

Dreaming of tasting

Fishes and foaming whipped cream


Mackerel and Tuna

Breadcrumbs and seed

Water with milk

To help him to feed


He pruned his feathers

And nuzzled his fur

Strutted his stuff

Prancing midair


A fence was the game

To straddle and tame

Watching for rodents

To toy with and shame


Catbird resided

With an old man called Tim

In a house with one door

Tim called it his gym


Catbird purred

As he sat in his nest

Fell half asleep

In his rabbit string vest


His roost was in the top corner

Of the sitting room with Tim

Who always ate peanuts

Drinking lager and gin


Home is where the heart is

Thought Catbird in bed

So he went for a flutter

Over Tim’s head


After a swig

Catbird took Tim’s wig

Who fell fast asleep

In a merry big heap


Catbird was chirpy

Warm in his bed

Slept in Tim’s hairpiece

At home and well fed.



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