Change to Be You

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Submitted: July 25, 2017

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Submitted: July 25, 2017




What I am writing is not for you alone, but for me as well. We live in a world filled with so

much confusion and so few really know their path in life. There are some that think they know

their path to life but stay in a constant state of depression, wondering lost on a path they think

is the one they are meant to be on.


I have been on the confused path. I know I am meant to do something to entertain somehow,

but how that will be I have yet to find. My excuse is I have wasted the greatest commodity we

have on earth today: that is time. I sit and I count the time I have wasted doing other needless

things that could have been spent finding that path and it saddens me.


It is not an easy path to find. It takes sacrifice at any cost. It will take time that you spent with

family and friends. It will take pleasures you have partaken of; television, games,..ect. If you

want to succeed you have to pay the ultimate price and that is give up your will for that which is

needed to fulfill your passion.

There is a difference between pleasure and passion. The pleasures of life are fleeting, here

today and gone tomorrow. However, passion is what makes your blood boil, your heart beat, it's

what gives you that drive to get out of bed every morning and the vision to constantly see that

path. I want my heart to beat with passion. I want to wake and smell the path before me, the

fragrance of a new day.


I hope you watch the links I have put here, it will take a few minutes out of your day, but may

change your life. I start a new journey now. One of letting go and giving in to my calling. You

must use your gift in this life or you have robbed humanity of that gift. How can you live with

yourself once you have reached the twilight of life and you have not given your gift to its

fullest. You will think back to this article if your mind is able, I assure you.

We live in an age of excuses. "I do not have time to do it." Yet, you somehow seem to find

the time to scroll Facebook or other social media for hours in the day. Stop and think what

could have been done with that time, if only it was dwelling on the path that would have been

better than checking on "friends".


If you say, "I can't," you are right, you won't. If you say "I should," it will never happen. When

do you start to find your path? When you are through reading this. Simply get to yourself, listen

to your inner voice, whoever that may be. I am not saying a god, this is not a religious article.

You aren't any good to a higher power if you are not at any good to yourself.


I am starting my path today and I love you all. Use your gifts, I beg of you. This world needs

that and not another political tirade. We need to come together as one and understand we are

a race that is on a journey, and if we do not wise up, the journey could be shortened.

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