Sky Beyond

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Submitted: July 27, 2017

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Submitted: July 25, 2017



Just walking, looking around, admiring these blue skys.

Clouds forming imaginary thoughts created from where they hide.

Stars buried in the darkness exaulting particles of blackend light. 

Raying down in such a way to reach those who have lost their sight. 


Poeple can hear that silence vibration, affecting everything we do. 

Hiding behind a vail, given to us on purpose, just to ignore the truth. 

Not caring about the seeds we sow but searching to see a fruit.  

Is that what's wrong with the world today? Caring more of what others do?

I think we must focus not on the plant itself; but what gives it life and it's the root. 


Rising raising real revolutions realizing reality's right

Fighting feelings finding faith for future foundations.

Hesitating hiding holding hypocrocy hindering humanity.

Patiently potrating people Positively per poems, the sky beyond!. 




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