"House sitting"

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Submitted: July 25, 2017

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Submitted: July 25, 2017



One Friday night I was house sitting for my brother him and his wife went up to vegas for the weekend. He lived in an isolated neighborhood where every house was built about three or four miles apart from each other. Anyway he had a dog. Named "Gandhi" who I was in charge of feeding and letting him outside he was a German Shepard. Good dog. But on this particular Friday night his phone rang. I answered the phone and said "hello?" And there was a short pause before a voice said "your somebody else does drew still live here?" "Yeah I'm actually Drew's Uhh brother." I said. "Oh" the person hung up. That was weird I though to myself. It was after seven witch meant it was time to feed "Gandhi" I got his bowl and food ready and noticed that Drew had left me a note. He left some money on the table and said thanks also told me how to feed "Gandhi" I turned it over and got a chill as Drew said "Whatever you do do do not answer the phone." Why I wondered and at that exact moment the phone rang again. I stared at the phone and slowly walked up to it I put my hand in front of the phone and the phone stopped ringing. I sighed relief. The phone rang again. I answered. The voice said "that wasn't cool you didn't answer me last time." "No I didn't get to the phone in time" I said. "Lied I was watching you." "You what?" I said. "Uhh Nothing" the voice said. I said "you were watching me?" The man hung up. I immediately grabbed a baseball bat. And I ran up the stairs and called my brother. He answered I told him what happened. "Shit that's not good. Well his name is Marcus he is my wife Molly's X boyfriend. He's harmless. At least we though he was." He knows where you live. "He was watching me."  I say to Drew. "Look I don't blame you if you want to leave you can just take Gandhi with you." Where is he? Drew asks. He was right here a minute ago I said. I heard barking from downstairs I slowly made my way towards the front stairs and I saw the front door was wide open. "He's in the house." "Ok I'm calling the police now" drew says still on the phone with me. A few seconds later Drew says "ok there on the way now "Please be careful Alex." I will I say I went back into the room and hid under the bed. I whispered to Drew "to stay on the phone." He did. About ten minutes later I heard police sirens and an officer yelled I tot he house this is the police. I came out from the bed and greeted the officer and gave him the phone with Drew. and drew explained what happened. The police searched the house for a few minutes and found Nothing. So he then asked me if I would be alright? I said "yes" me and Gandhi were going to head back to my house and I'd watch him there since our parents were there. "Ok sounds like a good idea." The officer said. "You want an escort?" "No I should be good." I tell him getting into my car. We start to drive away. And in the backseat of the car hidden behind the seats was "Marcus" my Brothers wife's psycho X boyfriend!"

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