The Lost Artefact

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Where is the artefact, where does it lead him...

Submitted: July 25, 2017

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Submitted: July 25, 2017






The power grew closer and closer I couldn’t see what it was, it was strong and I felt a force pushing against my chest. Closer and closer it got the force pushed harder and harder against my chest it felt like the building didn’t want me in there. The door opened behind me the force was pushing me to it. 3 2 1 I was through the door. The breeze blowing my hair to the side the sun glazing over me I stopped and looked around there was no other way in just this door. From the outside the building looked crooked and warn out with a hole in the roof were the rain leaked into it and made all the old wood rot. The smell was unsettling, the moist smell mixed with some other smell I can’t explain. But it was the most disgusting and horrid smell I have ever came across in my life. (by now you’re probably wondering why I want to go in this building, why I’m doing this for no reason) well I can tell you that it is for a reason alright. The dark master told me to do so, and whatever the master says I must do or my stay on this world would come to an end. I don’t know exactly what the master wants but it’s something very powerful and very expensive. My master says that the government tried to hide the artefact but someone found it and now it’s out and I’m the one to find it…

As the sun started to set I knew that I was nearly out of time. The darkness was just around the corner waiting to creep up on me and when that happens its game over the artefact disappears for good unless I find it and put the spell on it. I tried climbing the house it was large and took more time to get up there than I thought. I was up and ready to go in. final checks: light, gloves, knife. “Check got all that” “and my mask do I have that?” check. I dropped in not knowing what was ahead of me, throwing my head to each door leading in room after room making sure nothing will jump out at me. I found the room, was it that easy? I flung the door open not caring whether there was someone in there or not and ran to the artefact. It was glowing red I tried picking it up but it burnt me. I dropped it in horror. What’s going on? “That’s not meant to happen”. The artefact got redder and redder then I heard a sizing noise from it. It was going to glow I didn’t know this for sure but I covered my face and braced for the impact, there was no time to run…

It blew, I got launched out the window smashing the glass and hitting the floor with a thud from 3 stories up. I landed in a flower bed. I had a broken arm and three broken ribs I was done for. I wasn’t allowed by my master to go to the hospital or be a suspect for the police. I had to stay off the radar my master said. But I was hurt and the police were first on the scene. I tried hiding but they found me. They tried picking me up but realized I has hurt and called the ambulance to come and pick me up.

I was hospitalized for days’ police in and out asking me questions I just answered don’t know. They started getting suspicious thinking I started the explosion. But I never I tried to explain that I was just a pass a bye and had nothing to do with it they said I would be better soon and take me in for questioning at the station in the morning. I was scared, nerves but I kept my calm. The next day in the early hours of the morning I was woken by a gush of wind, there standing in the corner of the room a figure about 6ft 5 with a Cain and a cloche. I couldn’t see his face. He got closer and closer his hand clenching something I tried to get up and run but I was held down I tried struggling but he was to strong. There was nothing I could do so I stopped and let him get closer and closer. I felt something in my arm it was a needle I knew I was going to die that this was the end my master was going to put me down like a savage dog. I knew that this was the end…

 My body. Rigid, cold like a dead body waiting to decay. Loosing time, I knew I had to do something my mind was conscious but my body felt like I was having sleep paralysis, I was stuck. I was in a dark room with what looked like a green flashing light in the distance about 3 or maybe 4 meters away from of me. The flash happened every 5 seconds I tried everything to get up and run away but my body was not moving I couldn’t get away. The green light went red and a buzz sound echoed through the room. The lights suddenly went on, my eyes went blind. As I got my eye sight back I could see that I was in a white room with a door 3 or 4 meters in front of me, above the door was a light that flashed green. The door swung open and a large man emerged from the hall way leading into the room. “Hello, I’m 8 nice to meet you” (I was scared and confused who is the man and why is his name a number) the man moved slyly over to me and injected something in me. (The second time that’s happened to me) but I kept calm I started getting feeling in my arms then my legs down to my feet, I didn’t say a word. I looked around to find any way out. The door was still open I leaped out of the chair and bolted to the door. I flew down the hall like I was a cheater not knowing which way was the way out. “No, guards”. I tried running back but the guards were behind me to. I was surrounded. They took me by my collar, choking I managed to relieve my neck of the strain. I got thrown in a more secure place. Guard patrols every 5 minutes I was in big trouble. But I couldn’t understand why they didn’t just kill me in the hospital, where am I and what do they want from me. I knew I could not stay and wait to see what they want with me, I just had the find a way to get out and take it. In the corner of this cell like room there were bits of crumbled rock, I quickly grabbed some and started drawing out my escape route. I knew the building was an L shape and above me was a titanium vent which leaded straight the front door. All I needed was some sort of strong material which would be small enough to fit in the gap of the vent to unscrew it. Day by day went by. Still no answer from the guards about why I am here. I gathered all the plastic spoons, knives, forks and I could get bits of rock from the corner to make a homemade screw driver. It was time for me to shave, the guard came in and handed me a razor. I needed to get the blade out but the guard kept stirring at me not taking his eyes off me. So, I shaved and pretended to fall over that got me some time to slip the razor somewhere unpleasant but it had to be done. I gave the ‘razor’ back to the guard again, what he didn’t know was that he was just holding a bit of plastic without the razor inside.

The plan was working so far, the rocks made the foundation of the screw driver the plastic spoons and folks made the middle and a mixture of the both glued together by my own spit and blood. I stared unscrewing the screw, it was difficult first but I god used to it. The first screw, the second screw, then the third, the forth and the fifth. They were all out I jumped into the vent I was out.

I heard voices from the room I just came from, the guards knew I was missing. The sirens went off piercing through my skull as I crawled down the vent. I came to an exit right next to the door to get out I took my chance I leaped out of the vent into no man’s land…

Guards to my left guards to my right and behind me I struggled to find a key or a button to let me out. I couldn’t find one but I found an electricity box, I opened it and pulled all the cords, the alarm went off the light went black there was no power this was my opportunity. I legged it to the operating room and found a button saying, ‘exit unlock’ I smashed the button and a door next to me opened. I escaped, I made it out alive. Or so it seemed maybe staying in there wouldn’t of been a bad idea after all…



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