For my friend

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Friends are important,
they keep you company,
help you with your dreams,
defend you from harm,
and you can always count on them...

Can you?

If you can, can they count on you?

For my friend


For my friend which I haven't seen in a while

I would've loved to once more see you smile


For my friend which I haven't talked to in a long time

I dedicate to you this little rhyme


For my friend which I haven't known for long

I told you we would share many things, poem, art and song.


For my friend which I haven't trusted enough

I should have told you, without you things were tough


For all those, I say: don't miss me

I bowed and said goodbye, for that is something on which we did agree


For my friend which I disappointed so often

Trust me when I say the pain will soon soften


For my friend which I disregarded once

I hope you can forgive me for having been a dunce


For my friend which I left alone one night

I forgave you and I will again, even after our fight


For my friend which name I once forgot to remember

I promised you to engrave your name in my heart with ember


For everyone I've ever known, I say goodbye

I will soon be gone, having left without a tear to cry


For my best, closest and most important friend

We have done it, we kept our promise until the end

I remembered the hours we spent

I followed you wherever you went

You have read all the messages I sent

You have always been someone on which I could depend


For my best friend,

It was me who you once did befriend

For my closest friend,

You were here with me until the end,

For my most important friend...

My heart's wounds have been mend.

Submitted: July 26, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Child of Are. All rights reserved.

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