Sarthe Terang's daughter

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True story of a strong beautiful girl

Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017




Sarthe Terang's Daughter

As usual, she sleeps with her seatbelt on as I drive. Through the highways and again through the beautiful woods to reach back home, oh that’s tiring to travel miles and miles. But it’s okay for me because it’s a matter of once a month to travel with her. I do enjoy going with her. She’s cute, pretty and 24/7 smiling like lilies in the field. Many a time have I felt that I’ll quit living (normally healthy people think the way I think). I feel defeated with failures and my dreams crashed to the core. My emotion is universal since failures is not escapable at all. At this, for a person like me, there lies an answer wrap in her seat belt. Rupuni Terangpi (a tribal girl from Assam) suffers from Leukemia, since the age of 13, well that’s her intro.  Since then she is survived by medicines. She hails from a poor family. Her family is so poor that they can’t effort a pill that she needs daily. She is being supported from the generous local donors, now and then.  I know her since the beginning and I used to accompany her for monthly check-up to the city Guwahati Medical College Hospital which is 240 KM. We jouney in the morning, consult the doc and come back by evening, that what we do once a month. She is in standard 12 now. She keeps smiling. She has vision of becoming somebody great in the society as long as life permits her to live. I wonder of her becoming great, knowing her ailment. She lives her life joyfully because she has accepted her infirmity, and this ill health is not a threat to her becoming big. Often I pretend to be happier than her, but actually she is  happier and more relaxing than myself. The strength hidden behind her smiling face is an inspiration to live life chalengingly no matter what happens; this is infact what she teaches me and that is what I have to learn.

Nel Teron




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