What We Lost in the Dark

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Twenty five years ago, the world as we know it came to an end. There have been countless speculations as to what, exactly, caused so many human beings to go insane and start craving human flesh. But without the proper equipment, no theories were ever confirmed.
Today, most uninfected humans live in so-called safe zones, walled in cities strictly controlled by the military. Kallias, a nineteen year old orphan, escapes from his home at the Stonewall Boarding School when Frenzies, the flesh-craving monsters, suddenly attack, and his life turns upside down. Now he lives on the run from the never-dwindling population of Frenzies together with a small group of fellow survivors, but as they start uncovering darker secrets behind the attack and the broken world they now live in, Frenzies become the least of their problems.

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Chapter One

Submitted: July 26, 2017

Mess hall truly was the right way to describe the lunchroom of the Stonewall Boarding School, which was really just a fancy way of saying... Read Chapter

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