One Shot Story #1

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They were over, but then he saw her after a long time.

Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017



I immediately stopped on my tracks as I passed by a familiar figure sitting on the window of the nearby coffee shop I was about to pass by. Don’t ask me why I stopped or how I stopped just in time. I don’t know I just stopped. I walked by a little closer just to clarify my thoughts. My eyes confirmed my instincts; it’s her. “Shit!”


What am I supposed to do? Continue my jog and pass by the window and forget that I saw her? Or just observe a little longer, you know check out on her for a few seconds more? And so I choose the latter. It’s been a while since I last saw her. 7 months before it all ended. The last I saw of her was when she was trying to hold back her tears in a parking lot. Tears brought by some asshole, unfortunately that asshole is me.


She still looks the same except her long black hair is now cut short above her shoulders. I heard that it’s a sign of moving on for girls. But her eyes are still the same eyes once held my gaze, the eyes that knows my secrets, the eyes that made me realize my worth and the very eyes that cried for nights because of that asshole. And Oh God those lips, the taste of those lips that I get to taste all the time but now I always crave. The lips that flashes the smile I fell in love with. She still have the same old mannerisms. She always plays with her hair pulling it, rubbing it, trying to straighten her curls and sometimes she obsessively sniffs them. Seeing her do that mannerisms makes me miss how her hair feel between her fingers when I run it through, she used to love it when I do that. Used to.


I begin to wonder if she’s with someone, there are piles of books and highlighters laid on the table. Maybe she’s with her friends or maybe she’s with someone else; someone special. The thought sends out anger and jealousy all over my body. But I can’t blame her if she founds someone like her, someone who writes and probably who will write beautiful poems to her, or someone who reads the same romantic books she reads, someone with the same interests as hers, someone good enough for her and someone truly deserving for her love. I whispered a “Sorry” to her as if she can hear it and as if that changes everything.

And so I patiently wait for someone who will approach her table. Minutes passed; no one came. A couple of minutes passed by, still no one went close to her and besides she doesn’t look like she’s waiting for someone, she’s rather concentrated with her stuff, reading books, switching different colors of highlighters, scribbling something on her notes; probably studying for a big test. She’s so beautiful that way when she doesn’t know she is, when she’s in her own little world. She looked so warm adorable and cuddly in her hoody. I just miss her so much. I want to feel her touch again.


I have been standing in my place for so long that I think I look super suspicious, I looked like I’m stalking her or obsessed with her or fantasizing her; maybe I am. Holy shit this is bad. Why did I let this happen? Why am I still drawn to her? Why my heart did skipped a beat upon her presence even if she’s from meters away?


She raises her head, straighten her glasses and propped her elbows to her chin. She’s thinking. And that’s the first time since today, since the last 7 months that I got a full view of her face. I never got the chance to stalk her online since she blocked me on all forms of social media. I mentally chanted “Look at here, Look at me, I am here,” “Baby to your 10:00, 10:00, 10:00” “Look at me” Maybe we still had a mental telepathy because I caught her moving her head in my direction but I was able to hide beside this tree before she saw me. “Shit”


I let a few more moments pass and went back to ogling her. I don’t even know what is this? What am I doing? I just know that this is creepy. “Sorry babe, I just can’t help it” I just planned my regular afternoon run then this unexpected thing happened. This is also my fault. I should have prevented this, if only I walked away the moment I saw her. I should have run away. Maybe I should have cross the street away from her. But no, I wanted a last glance at her. One last, I told myself and a quick one. So I continue my pace and waited for her to look extremely busy, besides I’m a fast runner she wouldn’t notice I passed by. I waited for that moment when she get a new book and switch a highlighter. “She won’t look up” I told myself. I tried to calm down. I went out from the tree and sprinted towards the sidewalk almost passed her. Almost.


The universe must be playing a big joke on me. It feels like destiny decided to pull her head up and face directly at me just as I was passing by. I tried to ignore her but why can’t I do it? Why the fuck did I stopped again? What the hell man?! I can’t run away from her but why?


For a split second a shocked look registered her face but it was replaced by something, a look from her eyes I can’t explain. Shock, anger, sadness and a longing look all at once. A look that stirs up all the guilt in my body. I don’t know if her look might be inviting me inside with her to talk it all or a look that she doesn’t want to see me anymore, a look of hatred I might be receiving for so long. I stood frozen in my position, feet glued on the ground, sweating forehead beads turned cold. Will I smile at her? Wave at her? Enter? Dropped a “Hi”? Or talked to her? Or walk away now before things happen and be complicated? Before I hurt her again? I don’t know what to do? What should I do?

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