Beyond Human

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Starting Chapters for a story I have called Beyond Human. Each Chapter is person centred, Meaning that the main character is the one you need to pay attention too. The story has no speech. More descriptive of the happening situations. WARNING!! This story contains some sexual content that may no be to everyone's liking.

Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017



Home is where our heart is.
Part of a large planetary system. 
13 Worlds. More than 100 moons. 
Population: 20 Billion souls.
Human kind began to colonize the system in 2027. 
By 2045, Mars, Lunar and Europa had independant colonies growing food and continuing to be self surficient. The U.N.E Luanched a space program to benefit the system. This program was called I.P.C. Interplanetary Police Core.
A Space Station was built orbiting Neptune, this station became the command post headquarters for the I.P.C. In 2056.
Earth date. 22nd May 2076. 
Yurgi Rostov was out hunting in Siberia when he discovered a partially buried space ship. After investigating, Yurgi discovered the only survivor was a woman. Human as she appeared, Yurgi noticed her clothing and tattoo’s were very unusual. 
After caring for the woman for weeks as she healed from her wounds, Yurgi began asking questions. The woman, who’s name was Kasti, was not of earth or from any planet in the system. She told Yurgi the wonderous story of how humanity lost their ancestrial home world hundred of thousands of years before, now calling themselves The Kobol, have travelled across the vast nothingness before finding new worlds in which to colonize. 
Her people, known as the Tribe of Gaian, colonized a world they called Sumana. This became the foothold of the Gaian people. Their territory which added to the total empire of the Kobol. Led by a very old and powerful woman. 
Kasti told Yurgi, she was assigned by her empress, the most important task of hiding the empires most prized possesion. She could not reveal what it was, only that she must keep it safe.
8th August 2082.
Yurgi and Kasti has become close over the years. Kasti kept her promise to her empress and hid their most prized possesion somewhere on Earth.
Kasti gave birth to their first son, Charli Rostov. 
28th January 2085
Their second son arrived. Kasti knew her second son was special the moment he was born. She aptly named him after her father, Itze. In the language of the Kobol it means, To consume. 
Itze was marked by his mother at birth. She called him her Nu acoree etka. Meaning he was her special prince. She adored Itze more than Charli. Charli was his fathers son.
Kasti fell ill of an unknown diesese. She died a few months later. Yurgi buried the mother of his children in the nearby woods by the cabin house which he built for his family to live in. Kasti made sure her sons would have access to the prize if she died.
2090 - 
Now Yurgi, was alone with his sons. He raised Charli to be like him, teaching him about the life of labour. He would often take Charli to the nearby towns for trade. Itze was never allowed to go, He was told to stay at the cabin. Itze didnt know how to hunt, or build or trade. He could cook and clean. Yurgi taught Itze to draw, made him read books and resite them back word for word. When ever Yurgi left for work, Charli was in charge if he did not go with his father. And he was responsible for Itze. 
Itze was troubled. He had nightmares. Dreams that felt real, like he was somewhere else. At times he's woken up outside stood barefoot in the snow. The older Itze got, the more aggressive he became towards outsiders. Yurgi taught Charli how to fight, and Charli taught Itze when their father was away. 
Yurgi had left for work the day before. Typical work shifts for yurgi were 2 weeks or 12 days. Charli would be responsible for Itze. 
Charli let Itze know he was going out to hunt for the days food, to prepare vegetables for his return and to clean where nessesary. Itze would typically finish this within an hour of his brother leaving. Charli would usually be gone for around 4 hours a day.
Itze had grown bored. He had done all his brother asked. He missed his father. Itze would some times stand outside and stair at the sky when his father was away. Hoping one day he will get the chance to see more than Siberia. While standing there, wishing for his father to come home, a group of men approached the cabin. Itze counted 5 in total. 
The men, all armed, appraoched Itze who was stood just by the steps into the cabin. First, they asked Itze for some water, then they began to ask for directions to the nearest lake. Itze knew that these men probably knew there wasn’t a lake for miles and would probably need a vehicle to get to the nearest. Yurgi taught Itze the difference between a man of honour and a man who just wants what you have. The realisation came to him,and now Itze feared these men were nayemniki, mercenaries that scout out local towns. Responsible for arson, murder, rape and kidnapping and torture of victims. They typically free roam planets looking for loot, unless they get paid a handsom price, they will do any job for the right amount, and they dont take any side but their own. And if they see something they like, they play with it until it breaks and then they throw it away. 
He began to wish his brother and father had never left him alone. Before it wasnt so bad. He had peace and quiet, but now, the stories his father told him about the nayemniki as a child began to scare him. He knew they wouldnt just leave him alone. First, Itze tried to run to the edge of the forest. Two of the men caught him and dragged him back to the steps of the cabin.
The men surrounded him, tied him up and dragged him into the backroom of the cabin before gagging him. They each took a turn, first beating him with their fists, ripping off his clothes and slowly slicing into his skin with their knives. An hour later, their tactics changed. They cut Itze’s hands free and threw him to the floor. One of them, slipped in behind Itze and pulled him back, Ramming himself into Itze and began to pleasure himself. He was the largest of the men, he used all his strength to hold Itze still, putting one of his hands around his throat just as he penetrated him over and over. Another merc saw his oppertunity, taking of his trousers, pushed himself into Itze's mouth to stop him from screaming out. They spent a very long time with Itze while their companions watched on from across the room, asking for their turns. 
Itze began to zone himself out, make everything go dark and silent. Telling himself, he wasn’t the one being raped and beaten by mercs. Its just a dream.
A light began to shine. At first the men thought it was a torch, only to realise it was coming from Itze's mouth. His eyes opened, glowing white with rage, Itze began to consume the men. As though he was eating them. They turned to dust piece by piece as Itze swollowed it down. All’s that remained was husks of what was the nayemniki. Itze's wounds began to heal themselves slightly, before he seemlessly passed out onto the floor. 
Charli returned to the clearing where the cabin sat, he noticed there was something odd about how things seemed. It was too quiet, the chimney wasn’t puffing out smoke which meant that no fire was burning inside. Charli dropped his gear and pulled out his knife. Custom made himself, sharp, small yet big, easily hidden and easy to use in a fight. 
Charli crept up and peered into one of the windows, he couldnt see much as it was dark inside the cabin. He crept slowly upto the door which was slightly a jar and slipped inside. Calling out for Itze while treding softly. Nothing. Charli tried calling out to Itze again. He then tripped on a boot that sat in a small pool of blood. He knew it wasnt his, the boot or the blood. He looked around for more clues as to what happened in the cabin, he found bits of clothing shredded around shoes, bags and even guns. Sat right in the middle it all, was Itze, Charli grabbed a blanket and covered his brother, Asking him what happened. Itze was vacant. 
Charli took Itze and bathed his brother, He saw the wounds that were inflicted, and watched them heal before his eyes. He washed the blood and dirt from his brothers flesh, Bite marks and what looked like knife wounds all over Itze’s back. His neck was bruised, large finger imprints remain visible. 
As Charli dried his brother and dressed him, he promised that he would never leave him alone again. Until their father returns, Itze goes where ever Charli goes. Promising to take him hunting.
Itze remained absent for weeks, even after his father returned. Charli told Yurgi what he found that day. Yurgi told Charli that there was no way the nayemniki would just leave without their belongings. Nore would they have left Itze alive. Neither of them could figure out what happened to Itze or the men responsible. Itze refused to speak, and eventually he stopped eating altogether. Charli watched Itze slowly fade away before him, Yurgi could not watch his son die. Yurgi left to make the journey to Kasti’s ship. 
Charli tried tirelessly to convince Itze to eat. Instead it came to Charli sat with Itze alseep on him while he sang to his little brother. Waiting hopelessly for their father to return.
Yurgi had made it to the old ship, Kasti gave he a power node before she died. She told him that if Itze ever became ill, to use the power node on the ship in the communications bay. She had programmed it to send a message back to her people and shown Yurgi how to use it. 
Yurgi sent his message. He then returned back to the cabin. Itze was dying. Charli was beside himself with fear and regret. He wished he had never left Itze alone that day. He cursed his father for not teaching him better...

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