Promethean Wars Short: First Contact (First Draft)

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Hah, I bet you though I was dead. No I've just been making YouTube videos and Skyrim mods, which has worked out very well actually, anywho, this is a short little first draft thingy I wrote, I'll probably add more later but for now this is just a short little.. thing.. I guess... ENJOY!

Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017



Promethean Wars Short:

First Contact 


(First Draft)



Perspective: Deadlock (Age 24)

Year: 13,418 C.E.


I strolled down a street of ancient buildings, they were as alien as anything I'd ever seen, a testament to their age and how well they'd been preserved. House after house I looked through windows to see equally old furnishings and accessories. I'd been called down here by the emperor, my mentor, to discuss a discovery that had been made in the past 24 hours. I finally saw the home I was directed to and wondered what reason Emperor Kraken would have to have spent his own money on keeping these old buildings together. I stepped through the door left ajar into an open area, likely a living room judging by the fireplace at the far end. This room was different from the ones I'd seen though the windows in that this one was entirely empty, there were no ancient furnishings or decorations. The only thing that occupied the rather pristine carpet flooring was Emperor Kraken himself, sitting cross legged on the ground, facing away from me. It was silent for a while before he spoke up.

"So, any thoughts, Deadlock?" His voice pierced the silence.

I fumbled with my words for a moment.

"I- Uh.. On what, Sir?" I responded, unsure if this was a test of some sort or another one psychological evaluations he liked to do with people. His thousands of years of politics had given him great skill in picking people's minds apart from behind his ever present mask. It was hard to hide emotions from him, no matter your species or even if you had a mask of your own.

"On your surroundings. The architecture, the furnishings. What do you think this is?" He asked, still not facing me.

I was silent for a moment.

"It's... A neighborhood. Primitive-"

"Primitive? How so?"

I was again silent. This time for too long evidently.

"Don't think too hard. Don't think about what I'll think of your answer. Just tell me your thoughts on this place." He said.

I thought for another brief moment.

"I see an ancient neighborhood, a relic of a time long since past, the people here were of average income, no historical significance. The houses are standardized, mass produced-"

"Much like most houses now are. Tell me what you think about the people who lived here. Imagine what their lives were like, tell me what you see." Kraken interrupted.

I took one last moment.

"I see average people, as I said, no historical significance, they lived out their lives quietly. Children played here and then left when they grew up. It's nothing special. Just an average home of the early third millennium." I said finally.

Kraken stood up and faced me.

"Exactly. Now, you came to talk about the new species discovered in the Scoptis System. We've deciphered their language and have translators ready. They are especially early in technological development. They aren't ready to join galactic society yet but there's been too much interference for us to leave them be now." Kraken said.

"Yes, they are extremely intelligent but their beliefs are.. less than scientific. They believe their leader to be a god." I replied.

Kraken hummed thoughtfully.

"Yes but don't worry about that, those delusions will fall away quickly once they're exposed to the collective knowledge of the galaxy." He said, before going silent for a brief time.

"I will be there to deal with the majority of the talks, but I want you to be my representative at first, I want you to make the introductions. This is not the time to scoff at their beliefs or origins, I want you to be respectful and go at their pace." He was quiet once more as he put his arm over my shoulder and began walking me towards the door of the house.

"That is I why I brought you here, showed you this place. You said the people here were just average people, that the children here were just average children. So when you meet the representatives of this new species, keep in mind that, just like them, most of us have very simple, very humble origins." He said as he nudged me out the door. I turned to face him as he put his hand on the door.

"Even me." He said before closing it on me.

I stood there for a moment in silence. Before shaking my head and calling for the shuttle to pick me up. I walked away and turned one last time to look at what I now knew to be one of Kraken's fabled childhood homes.




Perspective: Emperor Kraken 


I sat quietly in the shuttle as we broke through the atmosphere pretty smoothly... seven out of ten. Deadlock did reasonably well as my representative, he was always better with diplomacy than Thunderveil, but now it was time for me to step in and deal with this. I stepped outside and saw Deadlock standing next to my good friend Emperor Killian Lizaro. I walked briskly up to them, kicking Lizaro in the leg, causing him to fall to one knee.

"Hey Lizaro." I quickly said as I strolled past him and up to the alien king.

"Are you trying to start a war, Kraken?" Lizaro spat back.

"Oh you are not going to start a war over that." I scoffed.

He grumbled before standing back up.

A creature in extravagant robes approached me, I mean it was a little fruity if you ask me but who am I to judge? I wear combat armor at times. They had green skin, amphibious, reminded me a lot of frogs actually. 

"Greetings Emperors, I am Dakeus, I bring the summer rains and bring forth the daylight every morning. I hope our people may coexist in peace." He said as he bowed slightly. Sounded a little scripted to me but again, who am I to judge?

Lizaro and I exchanged knowing glances.

"Well as much as I hesitate to do so, this was your empire's discovery, you deal with him, try not to corrupt them too much. Warmonger." Lizaro said as he turned around to leave.

"Oh, can it you fat ugly reptile." I retorted.

"How civilized." He muttered before walking away.

I sighed, might as well get this over with.

"Dakeus, I'd like to speak to you in private, if I may." I said, my tone indicating I took this a lot more seriously than I actually did.

"As you wish." He said.

We walked to an area out of earshot of his personal guards and ambassadors and put my arm on his shoulder.

Time to shatter some egos.

"Look, Dakeus. I see that you clearly care about your people, admirably so, but we need to talk about this little act of yours." I said.

He immediately stiffened.

"I see what happened and I understand, you were young and greed got the better of you long ago, you've matured since then but you're now so caught up in the lie that you can't come clean any-"

"I do not know what you're referring to-"

I quickly shushed him again.

"Ah ah ah! Let me finish, I am over eleven thousand years old, Dakeus, I've seen it before and I'll no doubt see it again. Now, I can't immediately dispute your claims about the 'summer rains' but I can promise you that there is no artificial force influencing your planet's rotation and if you were influencing your star... Well you'd be causing gravitational havoc that we'd have noticed a thousand light years away."

I let it sink in for a moment. For dramatic effect obviously.

"Please do not continue lying to me. This act isn't going to work once your society is exposed to the collective knowledge of galactic society. Better you face up now than let them expose you. So what I'm asking is.. Do you want to tell them or should I?" I finished.


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