The Fatman and the Blonde

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The story revolves around the mysterious disappearance of a blonde.
P.S: My first attempt in suspense story.

Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017



It was dark. He stood in front of the car with his pistol drawn, ready to fire at any time. He tracked the car within a day when it was caught on a CCTV nearby.  The headlight of the car shined over his police badge. With great caution he approached the car and opened the door. There was a bright light and from the shadows a figure appeared behind him.

Somewhere else a tall, fat man walked out of his office after the day’s work. As he walked past the security guard he wished him a night. He was pretty famous in the office. They had a nickname for him. It was the “Fat Man” of course. He was kind, gentle and smart. Everyone in his company respected him. He always took great care about his colleagues.  As he walked past his garage, he saw a bright red sedan blinking the headlight. After staring at the car for sometime he ignored it and went inside his home and straight to his bed it had been a long day. At middle of the night he heard a loud thud. He rushed outside his house to see his nearby house burning. He realised the thud was the sound a car hitting a tree. It was the same red car he saw earlier today. The fire was just starting to consume the house. He quickly grabbed his mobile and called the fire force. He waited outside his house impatiently. He knew the house was empty but still was worried about it. The fire force arrived and put out the fire after 3 long hours.

The next day a bunch of cops surrounded the remains of the building. They were all confused. Everyone in the neighbourhood was there. All of them except one, the owner of the house. They soon started to question the neighbours; things became stranger when no one could recall him. The house was previously occupied by a couple who sold it to young bearded, blonde man. No one really knew him. He was solitary and silent type and never mingled with anyone. He went to work early in the morning and came back late at night.

The shadow figure revealed himself to be the blonde. He struck the cop from the back and tookhim inside the car. He blindfolded his eyes and ziptied his hands. He drove him to the abandoned warehouse. He was staying in the warehouse for sometime. After taking the cop inside he tied him to the chair and closed the door behind him. He gagged the cop’s mouth and woke him up. After frisking the cop he found a wallet. As he went through the driving license his eyes widened.

“You are not a cop, are you?”  .


After questioning a few people the fat man’s turn came. fat man was new to the neighbourhood but he still remembered the blonde. The questions asked was direct and straightforward. Even the fat man couldn’t describe the man. He was quite embarrassed after boasting about his memory to everyone he ever met. All that he could remember was a short, blonde and a silent man. He went on explain the incident with the car. He still remembered the number plate, he quickly wrote it down on a piece of paper and handed it over. The police went on to investigate the tree and found traces of red paint. It took eveyone by suprise.


The blonde went on to describe how he planned on catching him. A couple of days back he stole a car drove it front in front of a CCTV. The complaint of the stolen car would be registered and the cops would sweep the city. All he had to do was park the car near the motel and wait for them to show up. He had planned to surrender but it failed when only a single cop showed up. He was expecting at least a dozen of them. Any cop who saw his car would have called for backup, it would be a jackpot. Considering the fact that there was a city wide search for him.

The police ran the number and got the blonde's name,job,address and other details. It turns out the blonde was one of many suspect in a murder case that was happened in nearby city three months ago. The victim was a clerk in a government office. However the blondes name was cleared and another man was arrested. There was no reason for the blonde to flee. The inspector ordered his constable to do some digging about the case. After taking the fat man’s number they left the scene.

A few days later the cops called the fat man to identify the car. It was the same red sedan. It was abandoned near the river. The inspector now had a clear idea as to what happened. A few months ago a clerk was murdered and the blonde was a suspect but his name was cleared when another man was arrested. A couple of days back the blonde shifted to another city and brought himself a home. It now appears that the money used in buying the home came from a third party bank account. The same bank account had an amount near two crores. Apparently the money had come from a dam’s project which involved the clerk and another officer. The blonde was the brain behind the project. He was the contractor who built the dam. But none of it was noticed during the investigation as the dam project was finished four year ago and the money was invested in another project done by the blonde. Three months back they cashed out the profit decided to split the money.  The clerk backed out in the last moment and hence was killed.  The blonde waited for the case to end, before he spent the money.The officer also went missing for the past few weeks.

 The man that was arrested in regard to the case is now serving a life sentence. The murder weapon was found in his home and everyone knew about their enimity. There was record of him visting the clerk ,a couple of hours before the murder. It was enough to seal the case against him. There were two possible explanation for the blondes escapade one-the officer is killed and he fled, two- the officer kidnapped the blonde over the money. The inspector immediately sent a notice to all station to initiate a city wide search for both of them.

There was a sound of car outside the warehouse. A black SUV stopped directly in front of the door. The blonde pulled out an old double barrel from his bag and slowly went towards the car. His face went pale after seeing the car. He recognized it. It was the officer’s car. The same officer who was a part of that scam. Few days back he went to the officer’s house to inform him about the arrest of a man regarding the clerk murder case, but all he could find was his crying wife; the officer was missing.

There was a sudden flash of light and a bullet went through him. The blonde lay dead in front of the cop. Another figure appeared in front of him. It was the fat man. He quickly went on to untie the cop.

“I told you not to approach him alone”

“But why did you kill him?”

“I didn't, it was a tranquillizer”

The fat man and the cop pulled the blonde and placed him in the chair. He removed the dart from the blonde and went on to bring another body from the car. It belonged to the officer. He was dead. It was the fat man all along. He rented a house near that of blonde’s. He kidnapped the blonde and the inspector. He burnt down the blonde’s house. He stole his car. There was a slight setback when the blonde escaped, but he had help in tracking him down. All he wanted was a pointed finger towards the blonde to initiate an investigation. He did all of it with the assistance of two other people.

One of them was dressed as cop and was taken hostage by the blonde. The man arrested for killing the clerk was his brother. However he strongly believed of his brothers innocence. He sought the help of his old classmate the Fat man. Fatman also had another help. The one who informed him about the police activity. An actual cop who tracked down the blonde..

 Another jeep pulled up near them, it was the inspector. He got out the jeep and exchanged a smile with the fat man.

“I asked you to wait”

“We are running short of time” replied the fat man.

 They kept the officers body near the blonde and left them with the inspector and rest was easy.

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