The House Of Maxwell

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A world run by one man who started a religion and the story of his personal assassin.

Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017



“Thus saith our one redeemer Maxwell, heresy and disobedience is as a child. A child will lash out to all around. They have no thought or reason, only selfish desire. This is why the redeemer has decreed all children are reeducated. We are grown, we no longer act as children. We have learned about the redeemer. Don’t act like a child, act like the followers of Maxwell that you are!” The Maxwell clergyman shouted from the pulpit. 

There was a murmur of approval as the audience knelt at their pulpit. They added their own pleas of prayers. The Upper pulpit prayed for wealth and prosperity, while those in the lesser pulpits prayed for food and the welfare of those sick

I wish he would quit blowing out of his ass’ I thought leaning over the balcony above.

I looked down at the poor saps in the lesser pulpits

They really believe that Maxwell will save them, they forget who the temples were built for’ 

I pulled out my holophone, checking the messages

Still nothing. The asshole really likes to keep me waiting

“We have a special surprise for you today! The clergyman shouted, stepping from his pulpit,

“We have a few chosen women who will be baptized today to become the wives of the Redeemer Maxwell!” 

Oh great, here we go’  I rolled my eyes but I knew I couldn’t look away. Maxwell’s wives were famous for their beauty.

I was not let down as three strikingly beautiful women stepped from behind the the curtains. They were stripped naked with long lengthy legs, and large amble breasts. Each and everyone of them looked like a model of old. They had stoic look and stared straight ahead and I saw a few older men and woman quietly crying in the lesser pews. I sighed.

Poor bastards didn’t know what was coming to them yesterday. Just their luck, Maxwell had seen them’

They quietly marched toward the basin as two choir boys moved the glass door. They ascended the small stairs and walked into the water. The water submerged their bodies up to their necks. They all closed their eyes. 

“In the name of our Redeemer Maxwell I grant you conjoined to his power, glory, and holiness! Amen!”

The auditorium clapped as the choir boys wrapped the three woman in towels and escorted them back behind the curtains.

I heard a door open behind me, snapping my attention to the door. I turned around as a man in white wearing a small red hat approached me.

Keegan Maxwell will see you now” The man waved his hands toward the open door

“It’s about damn time” I bumped him on my way toward the door, drawing an evil look

“Be careful with your tongue Keegan, you will outlive your use soon as soon as our cybermen are finished”

“Yep and you will be the first on their list Philip if you keep screwing Latisa” I winked at him closing the door

I walked up the flight of white marble stairs. The light above was blinding, making each step a bit dangerous. I pulled out my sunglasses and proceeded on. I reached the large marble doors with a large portly man wearing a white dress standing near a podium. 

“Name please” He shouted out harshly

“Keegan Hall, need to see his worshipness about an assignment”

“Mr.Hall, you know how he feels about you wearing sunglasses on his stairs” He frowned at me

I threw up my arms as the large doors opened “Hey If I cared what the ‘Redeemer thought I wouldn’t be his lackey”

I stepped through the doors into the office of Maxwell. He was sitting at his desk with one of the woman that had just been commissioned on his lap. He was kissing her neck, she was just allowing it, but I saw obvious fear and tears in her eyes. I cleared my throat.

Maxwell turned to me looking annoyed at being disturbed. He pushed the woman off his lap and she ran toward the door behind me.

Maxwell was old. He should have been dead a very long time ago, but science had kept him alive. He looked like a grandfather with plenty of grandchildren, if not for my knowledge of what evil acts he committed on a daily basis.

“Sit down Keegan” he growled

“That’s okay your worshipness I prefer to stand. Anyways I imagine this meeting to be short”

Maxwell glared at me “Don’t call me worshipness.” 

Maxwell grabbed a folder and threw it on the other side of his desk. I walked over and grabbed it flipping through it. A picture was attached to the front of the papers. The picture was of a young woman with brunette hair and strong fiery eyes

“So what did this lady to you?” I asked flipping through the details 

“She’s an Ex-wife, her name was Samantha. She was a bit too fiery for me and she is spreading heresy among the lesser pulpits”

“You mean she’s saying mean things about you”

Maxwell slammed his fist down on the table “Watch what you say to me Keegan! I will not tolerate such disrespect! Don’t forget, you won’t be needed in a short few years!”

I held my arms up in surrender

“OK ok! I’ll play nice! So what do you want me to do to her?”

“Kill her”

“Regular style or execution?”

“Execution. We need to make an example of her. The church will grant you animosity as usual and you will be anointed as a defender against heresy as usual. But no one is to know she was one of my wives. If it got out that I was killing an anointed wife, it would be a huge blow to the church”

I walked out of the temple into the streets. It was raining. I popped my collar and lit a cigarette as I walked toward the dreary streets. Large, pyramid like temples rose on every street corner and worshippers knelt on the wet floor, praying to the large screen on the side of the temples. I walked a few blocks into a shop with a neon sign reading

Best ladies in town! We are a registered retirement shop of Maxwell’s wives

I walked into the doors. A lady I recognized as one of Maxwell’s many wives was dancing naked on the pole. She was the only one that had seemed happy to become a wife. I walked past her to the barkeep.

“Hey Barnes, need the equipment for the mission”

“Nice to see you too Keegan” The barkeep growled as he threw a bag on the table “What style?”

“Need short ranged, pistol if you have it”

“Here try this new multishot gun. It fires three bullets and makes sure your target is really dead”

“Sounds good, I like it!” I picked it up, feeling the weight “How much?”

“On the house”

I looked at him “You sure? Aren’t you getting Sarah through college?”

Barnes shrugged “one hundred credits then” I slid him the chips and walked out toward the lesser pews side. Samantha’s file said I would be able to find her in the poorest parts. The temples lessened the further I walked till the only thing standing were houses made from scraps and heaps of trash. A few kids kicking a ball saw me and ran away. They knew I wasn’t from here. I continued to walk as mother’s pulled their kids indoors, and doors were shut. I turned a corner and found a small group of men blocking my path

“Let me pass please” I barely spoke. I knew what was about to happen. I slowly pulled out my gun and put it behind my back.

“We just want to talk mister. We are acolytes of Maxwell see, and he says to beware the stranger” They smiled wide, showing crooked teeth

“Yea? What do they say to do with the stranger?”

They say to beat his ass, take all his stuff, and leave him dying in the mud. Especially the rich ones” The group closed in on me slowly. I clicked the hammer back.

They one above took me by surprise, jumping on me from the roofs. I tripped over the wet mud as I went down trying to avoid his knife plunging down on my neck. The others roared and jumped in on the fray, throwing punches and hitting me on my body with rocks. I felt a rib crack. I threw punches of my own, feeling my fist connect with the face of one of my assailants. It gave me enough time to each out and grab the gun. I aimed it at one of their heads and pulled the trigger. One bullet went in, three came out exploding brain matter over me and all of his friends. I pushed them off of me and aimed my gun at them. I held my ribs trying to control my breathing

The remaining gang members held various injuries breathing deeply trying to decide what to do

“You can’t win assholes! I have a gun and I am not afraid to use it!” 

The gang members smiled

“Look behind you”

I turned seeing a fresh group blocking the other way. I shuttered. I hadn’t heard them approach. I knew how this would happen. They would kill me and deposit my body somewhere where not even the church would find me.

Shit, I’ll never be able to see my sweet Eve ever again. I would never be able to hold her or hear her giggle. I would never be able to tell her bedtime stories. She would have to go to an orphanage or worse, the church, to become one of Maxwell’s wives. What a cruel twist of irony

Tears fell from my eyes as the group started to converge, each brandishing knives, I waited for the end. 

Without warning I heard a yell as a shadow leaped from above. The leader stopped in his tracks. He fell down in two halves. The shadow moved from gang member to gang member, cutting them limb to limb. Arms, heads, and blood flew all over the small alleyway. Within minutes it was over. Six newly deceased bodies lay strew on the floor, their blood mixing with the blood. I looked at my savior. She was young and brunette with fiery eyes

“Hello Samantha”  I said 

Samantha turned around “How the hell do you know my name?”

I sighed “You should have let me die. I have orders to kill you” I looked up at her with sorrow

The woman dropped her sword and looked at me with sadness “I was wondering when it would happen. I knew once I got into the church’s systems, they would find me eventually. You are to take me to the square correct?”

“Yes” I walked up toward her and gingerly grabbed her arm walking her back down the street

“You know I was never afraid to die, that is until James was born. You can probably guess who the father was. He wasn’t happy when he saw it was a boy. He believes that woman are more malleable, easier to control.” Tears dropped from her eyes “He threw him out the window.”

She sopped as we walked in silence. Walking into the upper pews, we go weird looks

“I..I’m sorry I know he did evil things, but never anything like that” I looked down in shame

What if that was Eve? What if when I knew once I became obsolete, I would face a fate worse then death. All I had to do was get leverage on Maxwell.

“Do you have a family sir?” she asked

“Just a little girl, my wife died a few years ago”

We walked in silence getting closer to our destination

“Do you like Maxwell? The answer surprised me

“To be honest no” I was surprised by my honesty, especially so close to the city center.

“Good.” She handed me a small chip “Take this then. This will save all of us. It will end Maxwell’s rule on us” she put it in my palm and closed my fingers round it. “Please redeem me”

She looked at me with pleading eyes and I looked deep into her soul

“I’ll check it out” I turned my attention to the courtyard where a crowd had gathered. The crowd opened up allowing me to walk to a round stone with a headrest and a bucket. Samantha knelt in the center and put her head in the circle. Maxwell emerged in the balcony. 

“For the crime of heresy, Samantha Maxwell is granted death! May her soul rest in the ever loving embrace in my heart!’”

Maxwell nodded to me. I knelt near her trending to sharpen the blade. She looked at me with pleading eyes

“You’ll look into it right? You’ll stop this madness?” she whispered to me

I took a deep breath in thinking about my next words

“I’m sorry Samantha, but I can’t. It’s a bargaining chip I can use to save my daughter and save my job”

Samantha wept “No! Please! You must end this! People are suffering!”

“I’m truly sorry but my family comes first”

I stood up picking up the sword

Eve will be safe regardless of what happens to me, and hey I might get a nice bonus I thought.

I raised the sword above the head of Samantha. She sobbed harder begging me to make the right choice.

“Goodbye Samantha. May you rest in the heart of Maxwell”

I swung the blade down, ending her crying

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