The Wild Atlantic Way

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Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017



The Wild Atlantic Way.


That is what the sign says; ‘The Wild Atlantic Way’

But when I look out from my window it is not so wild today.


The sea it looks so very smooth, with hardly any waves,

I think that I could cross it if it just stays calm -- behaves.


So many miles of ocean but right now it seems quite clear

That the shore across the other side is really pretty near.


Perhaps I’d make it in a boat although I’ve never learned to sail,

Or maybe that’s a venture that I’d have to go and fail.


For on this day the sea is calm, the waves on beaches lap

But come a change in weather and the coast they will attack.


The waves will soar, the waves will crash, the rocks they will just batter,

The gulls will dip and dive and screech before they then do scatter.


My tiny little boat would break, all progress the sea would hinder,

And soon the wood would split apart becoming only tinder.


And I would fall into the sea, with water in my lungs, not air

My journey across the wilder sea ending in despair.


So maybe it looks calm today, the surface much like glass

But trying to cross the ocean is a challenge I must pass.


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