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Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017



One piece of a thousand dreams.

Silence connects

You to me.

Creature, hold the feature of hope and see

The heavens awaiting for your place

in space.

The illusion holds a brightful banner.

Like a moth in a room full of lanterns.

Creature , you will catch the light. It's time

To be as bright as the stars that shine at night.


Daughter , face drenched in slaughter.

The time is right.

To be free and capture your very own life.

Of prize.

As your things come undone .

Remind yourself that you are

the only one.

For you .

Fire , the ice will melt away.

the pain .

When the morning shows it's

cruel behavior .

I'll be your savior .

And no one can seize the demeanor ,

of a longing creature. Moth bleeds wings of lonely madness.

When the darkness slides into abrasion full of teeth.

He screams.

with dagger teeth he eats a hole

right through the

confining sheets.

Now you are free , to chase your dreams.

The sky holds a new glazing banner.

So the moth returns

to the room of lanterns.

One piece of a thousand dreams.

has come undone .

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