But hai

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This poem is about fighting through the challenges life makes us face. It is about never losing hope and as long you do not lose hope, everything will be and is ok. It also expresses the reality that we all have days where we feel that life is just over, but it never is as long as we believe in ourself.

Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017



I was on the verge of falling,

but I didn't.

I still feel like I might lose it

and find myself in a dump 

where hell has froze

and earth caught on fire.

Somewhere where my mind is lost

and I can't find myself.

Somewhere where air and I become enemies,

and suffocation is all I feel.


But hai,

I haven't fallen.

But hai,

I'm right here again,

and hai, it's a journey I got to live.

Not living the same thing,

but living the same feeling.

But hai,

It's my journey

& darling I learned,

and I learned that we all suffocate.

We all lose,

and we all fall hard.

But here I am,

right now,

right this moment.

I caught myself falling.

I lost hope,

but I caught myself before I felt it was too late.

Would it ever be too late?


& I realized that it would never be too late as long as you catch your breath and don't give up on you trying to catch that breath.

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