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Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017



A man was walking the streets and by accident

Saw himself in his own relection

A band was playing some faraway song somewhere,far in the distance

She stopped in for a beer

Later on when the bars started closing

McDuffy and his acolytes patrolled the beat on suncity ave.

A child was crying somewhere in the distance

''Only fools use razorblades'' he thought to himself

She watered her plants

''There that's enough agua for you my pretties''.She thought to herself.

And the band played on.

The doorman pulled out in a hurry and left the driveway behind

A swarm of butterflies and bees invaded central park.

A child was drinking thirstly from a fountain.

His loving mother beside him.

The preacher gave a rousing sermon.

God is well and alive in L.A

The small country congregation all went home.

Some mothers baked apple pies whilst 

Their children marched to the tune of ''whistlin' dixie.''

Her husband hid their guns

''These should never harm someone.'' He muttered.


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