Danger To Myself

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The title explains it all....

Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017



I feel I might be a danger to myself.
What do I mean? 
I mean I am depressed,
A little suicidal. 

What do you care though? 
You have no reason to worry,
because according to you I'm fine. 
I am everything but fine.

When I say a danger to myself,
I don't mean cutting or burning, 
I mean the worst possible thing,
someone could have the thoughts of.

That's right, suicide. 
Every night I sob myself to sleep,
Every day I cry when no one is watching. 
Leave me alone I tell everybody. 

I want help, I truly do, 
but I can't ask for it. 
Everyone will simply say act like it is fake. 
See me only as someone wanting attention. 

When will this end? 
What will it take? 
I do not want to take my own life, 
But there is no other way to make it stop. 

I cried for help once, 
got rejected and from that point on,
everything stayed inside of me. 
Never again spoken of. 

Will it finally stop when I decide to end it? 
Or will I have another life and suffer the same? 
Will I still be a danger to myself? 
Will I be happy? 

I am finally ready to admit. 
I am a danger to myself. 
I admit I have done some bad things.
That you shouldn't do to yourself. 

I try to stop daily, 
It has become a really bad addiction. 
Feeling physical pain, 
was better than feeling nothing at all..


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