The Art of Murder

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Reflections on murder as an artform.

Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017



Of all the arts, murder has the potential to be the most refined.  Taking life elevates the practitioner to a godlike status.  Unfortunately, too many people view murder as a means to an end.  Such a neolithic attitude misses the whole point of the exercise.  Death should not be what is sought.  Rather, death should be seen as a reward; a comfort granted in recognition of suffering stoically endured.

As with all the arts, in murder great skill must be wielded with rare discernment.  To kill with brutish indifference, to extinguish precious life callously, is the mark of Cain like wrath.  Those who perpetrate such an abuse must be rightly condemned.  But where the intent behind the act of murder is the experiencing of exquisite suffering by the victim, then acknowledgement of this fact should be forthcoming.

And as with all endeavours, in murder the best results are achieved by using the finest and most appropriate tools.  Not only must the instruments of pain be of the highest quality, they should also be aesthetically pleasing to sight and touch.  To err in this aspect of murder is to disrespect the tribulations of the victim, a grievous mistake.  Without the victim's active cooperation, murder becomes mere butchery, achieving nothing of worth.  So to scale the heights of perfection, the murderer must make the victim aware that he, or she, is a valued participant.  And nothing says that better than the tools wielded in the act of destruction.

Yes, destruction, for that is the inevitable result of murder.  A human body broken, a life terminated, for the sole aim of achieving an artistic masterpiece.  But without use of the finest material, the outcome will always dissatisfy, will always be second rate.  Thus the choosing of the victim is of paramount importance.  Both the physical and mental attributes of the human material must be considered, and if found wanting the potential object of the murderer's art must be rejected.  This is an iron rule that can never be violated if perfection is to be achieved in the art of murder. 

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