Time to say Goodbye

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The world is not like before.
That's what humanity learned a century ago. After North Korea launched nuclear missiles towards the whole continent of America; the land of North America and South America became unusable to grow crops. Also, the toxins from the nuclear missiles kill many people, so the people were forced to move to other four continents left. Europe, Oceania, Africa, and Asia.
Europe became what it's now known as Sky-Reach, the kingdom of at least four billion people living in it, because the kingdom is over-populated, there aren't many food, water, or houses for everybody.
A kingdom where the rich are powerful, and the poor are weak.
The military created Night Birds, the highest military ranked people who serves directly to the King, they created weapons known as Night Raid. Night Raid were weapons which change themselves into others. For example, a Night Raid can turn itself form a sword to a Katana, if their user wishes to.
At first, those weapons were feared by the people... but now, people are able to make Night Raids and sale sell them into the Dark Market. However, only the strongest of them all were able to wield one of the Night Raid, and make it their own.
This is the history of seven individuals, and how they were sick of the rotten world they live in... and decided to take matter into their own hands.
They knew it was time to the goodbye to their old lives.

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Alexander, the sleeping Dragon

Submitted: July 26, 2017

Hello, reader!
The first chapter is about one of the protagonists of this book, and how he realizes the rotten world he lives on, and how he decides to take matters into his own hands.
Swearing ahead and blood ahead! Be warned!
Comment down below what you thought about the chapter.
Enjoy! Read Chapter

Cinder, the silent Cheetah

Submitted: July 30, 2017

Hello, reader! The second chapter is about one of the protagonists we met in the last chapter (Cinder), how she realizes the rotten world is lives on, and how she decides to take matters into her hands. Swearing ahead and blood ahead! Be warned! Comment down below what you thought about the chapter. Enjoy! Read Chapter

Sun, the stealing Squirrel

Submitted: August 07, 2017

Hello! This chapter will be (again) about our seven protagonists, how they discovered they live in a rotten world and how they decide to change it. Swearing ahead, be warned! I already started
school, so I'll try posting the most I can... hopefully! More than 100 reads! Guys, I never expected this was going to happen! THANK YOU. Seriously, I'm a person who likes writing because I found
it really fun to it because I let my imagination fly with it, however, I never expected this many people to read it. THANK YOU, GUYS! Comment down below what you thought about this chapter. Enjoy!
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