A still Covenant

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Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017



Free me .

The solitude of loss

has my heart in a toss.

I fell weak beneath the vast oceans .

I float up to the surface to breath.

Sing to me .

Pierce into me , so deep .

Keep me from falling deaf to sleep.

I am choking.

on Cupid's rust.

I am soaking up the fumes of lust.

In the streets it rains.

As the terror

stares into her mirror.

The glass erodes.

She can't believe this face.

Once wore beauty

that chilled the men.

In the white washed halls ,

the Jackals lick their paws.

She only wished

secrets stayed as secrets.

For mourning mass.

With black bird eyes

she eyes the falling prize.

And just like a thief in the night.

She stole my life.

Now I drift on through

a fantasy world .

Where the vision mends

a heart so torn.

I cover up my eyes with

a midnight patch.

And try to forget my wounded past.

I sit on the steps

and praise the day .

I watch the clouds turn straight to gray.

Another storm brewing in her heart.

I'll burn my picture of our falling house.

A big front porch

a wreath hanging on the door .

Where we loved forever more .

As I drink the last sip and wound it dry.

I fall on my knees and begin to cry .

Love was something that

we couldn't help but do .

But that something is now someone else .

Somebody new.

Through the bloodshot

my eyes are still blue.

I wish it was never real.

But not even two hearts

could hold this covenant still .

You were always beautiful .

Without you

I can't sleep .

She sent a thousand letters to me.

Maybe this thief is still in too deep .

All I can hear is a song of triumph .

A memory of your voice

that floated gently in my ears. ..

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