My brush and canvas

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Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017



Late at night here I lay awake wishing upon a star

It's 3 a.m. yet all I can think about is death

Here I lay wishing I could sleep and never awaken to a new day

Nothing left to keep me from dying tonight

Before my body became my canvas 

Before my blade became my brush

I remember all the good times I had with you


I hope you are able to forgive me 

Once my body becomes my canvas 

Once my blade becomes my brush

And now here I lay with a body full of scars

As the floor becomes red with my blood 

My vision becomes a blur 

My body becomes numb


I remember seeing your face with tears 

Screams were heard from you

But there's nothing you can do to save me

For I have given up on this miserable life I live in

So darling forgive me for everything I did to hurt you

I did what the voices told me to do

To let my body be my canvas and my blade be my brush


No one can save me now darling

My life is nothing but a war between life and death

And it seems I have lost this war 

While my demons are laughing at me 

I'm nothing but a pathetic fool

Listen do you hear anything coming from up above

I do and it's none other than my demons taunting me


My body lays motionless full of scars 

Am I finally a beautiful master piece yet

My blade falls to the ground stained with blood

Darkness is all I see as I listen to my slowing heartbeat 

My body full of scar is my canvas

My blade stained with blood is my brush

My life is nothing but a war between life and death


My body will forever be my canvas

My blade will forever be my brush

And together we are art

No matter what anyone says 

My body is my canvas

My blade is my brush

My body is made for my brush to create art

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