Count On Me

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Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017



Thinking of your beautiful smile can't dry up any tear drops running across my straight homely face depicting my sorrow for the wonders you've missed out on since the time you abandoned me for your own personal missions. Waiting hurts in the beginning when expected the best to come on out the situation causing great grief in the head of a man/woman that has dreamed dreams of forever to be special always throughout this lifetime. However, the heartbreaks that caused the cracks to form around our hearts become healed when we're together or even so much as see each other. The emotions we sync together in thoughts traveling faster than lightening from my place to yours. The dreams I've entered of yours in order to show you the beautiful soul I saw you as in the light and dark. Popping out of my chest is the feelings following a rhythm you've created through the lovely vibration in your voice from corner to corner in the room. Fight no stranger that influences your thoughts into something beautiful that possibly could be, or more than likely a wonderful connection awaiting.

Jealousy haunts our hearts when the spirit is lost for control over self as we enter a term of controlling the unknown for what possibly might be, but in reality isn't. No name is born encrypted on us so the property you are referred as is breaking down the free spirit you have which is you no more. Passion is lost and found in places we are told are detrimental to us, but is it truely deteriorating me? The compassion we feel for others can be just as great if not greater than most we've come to know so far. Estimating a lifetime of 120 what posses people to attach to one other for so long? As others find a way crossing each of our paths, we must connect for chances of growing better will be slower if we are limiting our trust spans to just us. Relax for the best has yet to come. Around the corner is where better prizes await you to shed light on and accept the offers as they come. Learning what you have in front of you while being able to advance to the next best opportunity as well. Enjoy the love seeking for it isn't far from here where ever I stand.

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