The Beginning

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This poem is taken from the bible story.

Submitted: July 27, 2017

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Submitted: July 27, 2017



The Earth wrapped up in thick darkness,

One could hardly see its face.

It was there, just a watery mess,

No trees as yet, there  were no trace..


Then a blazing light pierced through,

Making the darkness as the light of day.

That was the only thing to do,

Light from only a sun-ray.


Then it was clearly seen,

The waters were pretty high.

There wasn't anything showing that was green,

As the clouds drifted by.


A plan was made to slash the waters in two,

And let those below gather in one place.

Those above, up to the celestial blue,

Must have dry land for the human race.


In only ''six days,''

The ''Great one'' did what He had to do.

There were no delays,

When He created the Two.


Yet, Later, he had to kick them out,

And guard the great ''Tree.''

Outside, they both ran about,

Hungry and defenselessly.


A flaming sword guarded the gate,

A celestial angel was there.

The Two came back and were late,

They had much now, to fear.


They went back to their cave,

Their garden days--ended.

They no longer could wave,

To the angels, as they descended.


They worked together,

And produced the first child.

They knew no better,

As the son was rude and wild.


Then came the second, a keeper of sheep,

He prayed and praised God continuously.

Killed while his parents were asleep,

Bludgeoned to death furiously.


Cain, you barbarous, wicked man,

You brutally killed your loving brother.

The ''Great One'' gave you the ban,

You can no longer stay with your father or mother.


Still, the human race carried on,

Lamech came and killed Cain.

Battles were fought, lost and won,

And it started all over again.



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