Jack Crippleskip

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Jack Crippleskip is a short story told in verse. It is a bedtime scary.
It is from my 'Stories from the Book of Autumn' collection.

Submitted: July 27, 2017

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Submitted: July 27, 2017



Lock your doors

And windows tight

'Cos Jack CrippleSkip

Is out tonight


And those young children

who dare to spy

Might see Jack 

Lurking nearby


Waiting and watching

For children who peep

So as to discover

Where they might sleep.


Where he lives

And where he goes

Nobody sees

And nobody knows


But you may hear him come

To check the locks

Rattle the windows

And sometimes knocks


So close your curtains

Secure the latch

Or Jack CrippleSkip,

A child he’ll snatch.


With children collected

He steals them away

To squeeze out their essence,

-So some accounts say


'Til mixed in a tonic

Fizzy and black

Syrupy sweet

And bottled by Jack




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