Limericks Made During Rough Times and Child Labour

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This is what happens when I need to work 8 hours with no breaks at a store in a resort village with hardly any customers.

Submitted: July 27, 2017

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Submitted: July 27, 2017



There once was a guy at a store

Who worked there but wanted no more.

So he acted real tough,

And yelled, "That's enough!

I'm quitting to become a whore!"


I was hanging out at the lake

When suddenly, I had to rake.

The job got old

Until I struck gold

But sadly, it was all fake.


A man once recorded a rap

And claimed it would make your feet tap.

The words were bad,

The singing was sad,

And it ended up sounding like crap.


One Saturday it was too hot

To do anything that we thought.

So we went bike riding

And went dumpster diving

But sadly, we were caught.


There once was a great place to golf

Until the funding came to a halt.

They planted some trees, Which is great for me,

'Cause it's a place to hang out and cool off.

At work, there was a notepad

Which I found totally rad.

I thought, "Here's the trick!

I'll write limericks!

But all of them turned out bad.


This thing took me long to write

On a phone, which really bites

So you should hit "shelf",

And you know what else?

Maybe you should smash the "like"!


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