Let me sleep

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I chose the darkness

Submitted: July 27, 2017

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Submitted: July 27, 2017



Thus I died in that dream, kept from life and magic unseen,

As I lay, my mind does vision, the turmoil and tremors of all that is hidden,

She came that night and told to me, her body hovering she called you see,

The divine, I could feel, when she whispered my soul was peeled,

“Give to me, all your strife, accept my embrace this very night; give to me the essence of you, and I shall guide you through.”

Was there a choice I could have, could I choose another path?

Had I lost all fight within?  Was it taken with my sins?

I chose to not ponder my life, it was then I chose the night,

I chose the darkness I would live, twas was my soul I chose to give,

Damn the Angels, Damn the light, Give me darkness I have no fight,

Let me sleep, let me rest, I weary of battle, I weary of tests,

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