Deadly Love

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Submitted: July 27, 2017

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Submitted: July 27, 2017



I spoke loud and clear,
said I wanted your heart.
You spoke loud and clear,

said you wanted mine.

I said I would never leave,
never hurt your fragile heart.
You were thinking the same thing,
but didn't realise you didn't mean it.

Friends for a year,
and a couple for another. 
Said we loved each other,
you clearly didn't love me. 

I said I would never let you go,
I meant every word I said to you.
You said the same thing,
but then you cheated. 

Your heart was still mine, 
I let it slip by. 
I tried to give you everything,

and you gave me nothing.

Things went badly, 
the next few months.
I would give you the world,
you would giveme nothing.

I gave up eventually,
I told you it wasn't working.
That it wasn't you,
it is all me. 

That wasn't true,
it was all him. 
I told you I loved you,
One last time.

I couldn't live with the pain,
I had to end it somehow.
Texted you with one hand, 
the other holding a rope.

"I told you I would die for you,
and now I am.
For I hope this will make you happy,
for I will be giving you my all." 

"My last words shall be this: 
"I love you with all my heart."" 
I stood on the chair and placed my head inside.
I stared down at my cell phone.

I watched for a minute or two,
then I stepped off.
Before I died I read my screen,
"I love you too. Please don't do it baby." 

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