The Story of Amun

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The story of two cities whose destiny got swayed in the wrong direction. The architect named Volker steps in to pick up the pieces and try to restore the cities to its former glory.

Submitted: July 27, 2017

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Submitted: July 27, 2017



The Story of Amun - The Forgotten City

Part 1

An elegantly dressed man with a briefcase is slowly walking on a devastated road heading north to a place formerly known as the gift of the Fathers - the sand city of Amun.  As the man gets closer, it is visible the city has been reduced to rubble and dust. The former glory of an everlasting, flourishing city can only be seen through the flashbacks the man experiences as he is walking deeper into the city. The town´s square was the heart of the municipality and its politics. The imperious structures of Amun´s institutions held the ultimate prestige among cities, but now, the buildings are only a shadow of its former self with the defeat echoing through their ruins; however, one single monument was left untouched - the altar of Amun. The man approaches the altar, puts the briefcase on top of it and hastily retreats. Feeling betrayed, he pulls his gun out and starts walking out of Amun.


The man retreated back onto the devastated road where it all began. He stood there for a moment and then the he pressed the gun on his head. With eyes closed, his finger firmly pulled the trigger, but  nothing happened. The man tried again, and again, but all of his attempts were futile. He opened his eyes and there was a briefcase in his hand. The man did not appear to be perplexed by the events what have just happened at all. Instead, the look on his face was quite calm and confident. The road around him was paved with gold, silver, platinum. The man starts walking slowly towards the same destination - the city of Amun. The crowds´ hysterical cheering could be heard miles away from the city itself, it was the season of festivities praising the gift the Fathers left them. The sand structures covered in diamonds reflected the Sun´s scorching beams giving the impression the city was the light itself. As the man gets closer, the royal guards greet the man saying, "Volker! Long time no see. Welcome back!". Volker ignores the greetings of the guards focused on his goal. Volker makes his way through the cheering crowds into the square of the city. The altar stands in the middle of the city guarded by the best men. Volker comes closer to it. He can feel his heart racing. The altar´s guards yell at Volker demanding him to stop. The man does not heed their calls. Volker puts the briefcase on the ground and pulls out two silver plated Desert Eagles, aims, and drops the guards dead. The people in the street panic, the whole crowd fears the worst. Volker picks the briefcase, puts it on the altar, and opens it. There is only a single paper insider with "10 000" written on one side and "1 000 000" on the other.

All of a sudden, Volker is in a completely different city.  A group of soldiers are lining people up against a wall. Most of the victims are screaming and begging for mercy. The soldiers fire their rifles emotionlessly discarding the pleas of the killed. On another side of the road, there is a woman whose legs and arms fall off her body once she makes a step. As the limbs drop on the ground, so does the woman weeping in pain, but the next moment, she picks the limbs back up and reattaches them just to repeat the same scene over and over. This city is called Thaddios - the curse of the Fathers.



The city of Amun has only a limited amount of people and for every person that is living his burden-less life in Amun, there is 100 people in the city of Thaddios which have to relive the hardest moments the life has to offer. Thaddios is the definition of poverty, the most brutal disease, and mass genocides. However, Thaddios was once a city like Amun. The Fathers are jailors of both cities, being the people who can manipulate time. While the Fathers are the jailors, Volker is the architect who constructed both cities, but his creation was twisted into something he did not vision. The jailors agreed to be the neutral middlemen and to watch over the cities as they prospered. If the people´s mind became delusional and destructive in both cities, the jailors had to rewind the time and repair the error. In spite of their promise, greed and the hunt for pleasure and satisfaction drove them to break their agreement. Using the powers vested into them, the jailors bent the time and enslaved the population of both cities forcing the population to address them as the Fathers.  The Fathers became the rulers of Amun having an altar built in their honor. However, when there are no jailors, the human mistakes run rampant amongst the cities and plunge both of the cities into darkness. The Fathers had a plan how to slow this by manipulating the time and turning the pain and agony of the citizens of Thaddios into delight and comfort of the Amun´s inhabitants.  The status quo has to be maintained and preserved. An intricate balance has to be kept in order to preserve Amun, but it cannot be held away from the darkness for long. The cost of perseverance is  100 lives - the people who die by the hand of the Fathers in the city of Amun and get sent to Thaddios just to delay the inevitable destiny which awaits Amun. The tipping point of darkness is when the city starts to rule itself and ceases to listen to the jailor. With no jailors present in Thaddios, the city was lost. Volker is a being who created both of the cities with the vision of peace and prosperity for mankind. After he was done constructing them, he gave out almost all of his power to the jailors trusting their word. The jailors think Volker died a millennia ago since they are having their own minds consumed by the darkness which clouded their memory. Now, Volker, awakened by the betrayal, seeks vengeance and restoration of tranquility.

Volker came to Thaddios to find answers about the Fathers whereabouts in Amun since some of the former citizens of Amun got sacrificed and moved into the Cursed City. The architect walks up to an old wooden house looking for a man named Gislenus. Gislenus was a merchant in the city of Amun before the jailors moved his soul to the other city. "Good afternoon Gislenus, I am trying to find two men...." the architect did not even finish his sentence and a knife slit Gislenus´ throat. After he bled out, the wound healed itself and the course of events repeated. This was Gislenus´ eternal torture. Volker states, "So here is what is going to happen. I am going to kill the man who keeps slitting your throat and you will in return help me find two men in Amun. Deal?". Gislenus shakes his head in agreement and when the knife reappears, Volker does what he promised and shoots the murderer. As Volker killed the knife bearer, the architect found himself on the road to Amun once again.

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