The Vampire Masqurade

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It's that time of year again, for the Vampires to come together and enjoy themselves.

Submitted: July 27, 2017

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Submitted: July 27, 2017



Joyce stared at the ballroom in amazment, no matter how many times she came to these masqureades it always suprised her at how beautiful it can be. "Hello Jacqueline". Joyce didn't have to turn around to greet her best friend, she knew Jacquline just from smell. Jacquline let out that trademark sweet laugh that made any vampire stop what they were doing, but forutantly for them they were alone in the ballroom. "It's so nice to see you again Joyce, although we did see each other last year".

"That is true, but us vampires do like to know what it going on in the community". Said Joyce who was once again looking at the decorations around the ballroom. Seeing Joyce's red eyes take in the beauty of the room, Jacquline also took her time looking at the beauty of it. "You really outdid yourself this time Jacquilne, also great location Switerland instead of Italy twice to avoid suspicion". Jacquilne once again did that sweet laugh, which seemed to be more enthusiastic.

"Sorry Joyce it wasn't me, no this time it was Gwen". It took Joyce seconds to come to the realization that out of all the vampires that she's meet Joyce has never heard of Gwen. Knowing already what Joyce was going to ask Jacqueline stared to explain. "Gwen is someone I turned into a vampire last year, lets just say she didn't come from the best home life and she wanted out". Joyce couldn't believe it Jacqueline had sired another human, and if vampire bonds were anything to go by then Gwen was her sister.

"I'm sorry if this upsets you Joyce". Said Jacqueline taking Joyce's silence as anger. "No Jacqueline, it's not like that I'm just suprised...and well can I meet her?". Smiling Jacqueline linked her arm around Joyce, and started walking toward a balcony. The balcony faced a field where Joyce could see the young vampire standing back towards them.

"She's beautiful". Joyce said staring at her. "She really is a lovely person, and she is a quick learner when it comes to being a vampire". Joyce was sure Gwen could hear them, after all vampires do have super hearing. "What is she waiting for?"

The smile left Jacquline's face and was replaced with a grim look. "Considering that Gwen is a new vampire the council thought that there should be a test, and that was this ball". Joyce understood the council could be very strict about what kind of people were let into this world, and so they often gave them test an example would be throwing a ball. "Does she understand the consequences?" Joyce asked still looking at Gwen.

Jacquline never losing the seriousness in her voice. "Of course she does, as do I". Joyce didn't look at Jacquline, she didn't want to see her reaction. The counsil wanted the vampire world to thrive and that meant perfect strong vampires, and those newborns were oftne killed along with their sires. "She'll do fine, if you say she's a fast learner the the council will be pleased with her".

Joyce wasn't sure if she was trying to calm herself or Jacquline, but Joyce hoped it gave her some reasurrance. Letting out an unneeded breath of air Jacquline had a hard focus toward the night sky. "Let's hope so". As hundereds of dark creatures descended upon the castle.

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