For the Rightfully Oppressed

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I deserved it all, I pray you are yet still well.

Submitted: July 27, 2017

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Submitted: July 27, 2017



It hurts more than words could hope  to define... The scar I left on your heart, I bleed of it everyday.... Having knowledge of the pain I inflicted, I spared myself nothing of what misery had to offer and what karma had in store for me. I allowed despair to haunt me, fear to drag me to filth without ever as much as trying to shield my heart from its unyielding parade of darkness with its infinite teeth that gnawed and left me with scars I could never heal nor did I want was for you, and all the while I hoped that it would be you to throw the match....set my soul a fire, and watch me burn....the torture I endured I deserved.....and still all the while it was your happiness, in spite of any cruelness, any harshness you could have given me....your happiness was a right I felt you earned and a punishment most fitting to the crime I dare so believed I could get away with. The heart is one of the most precious articles of living glories there ever could be..... To think.... I so much as dreamed of bringing harm, having been drowned, to drown, having been scared to frighten, having been in so much pain in the hands I so naively trusted to hold the pearl of my life that is my heart, I chose in a single word undeserving of years I'd spent ironed to my will to never allow a thing to hinder my quest in bringing nothing but joy in its purest essence to the one I craved to allow you to fall from my grasp. Unforgiving
There's no death, there is no heaven or hell for me and my deed and for that, I present what remains, every piece and shard, every stardust dream, every hope every passion, every ounce of my ever bearing soul to a life of immortal happiness just for you. 

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