haunted cabin in the woods

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Submitted: July 27, 2017

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Submitted: July 27, 2017



It was then when I realized that my whole life would change. I could hear the water flowing and the tree leaves rustling in the wild wind and it just put a smile on my face and made me feel no pain. I can see the most beautiful waterfall in front of me but behind me is what I didn’t see coming. It seemed like I was in a daydream, this place I was in. Looked so magical. Then there was nothing but a scream and darkness…

It was a day before Halloween and we were driving through the small town of Spook ville there colorful autumn leaves slowing drifting to the ground. My family and I were going on a camping trip, and decided to stay in Spook Ville for the weekend in the middle of the woods. I never really understood the name "Spook Ville", but it turns out that the woods were supposed to be haunted and they say that on Halloween if you are camping in the woods you will never be seen or heard from again. I was hooked right when I saw my favorite word HUNTED! I love ghost and to me they are my life and if there’s a myth about the woods that we are staying at then this is going to be one hell of a Halloween. Forget the candy let’s never be seen again!

I never really believed that the woods were haunted because if they were, then why did they let people go camping if they really believe that they would never return. I just keep thinking and that made me worry so I just told myself that they are only doing it for attraction to get more guests to come in and more money.

As we were driving on the main street the autumn leaves were everywhere and as they blew in the wind the leaves look like they were dancing before hitting the ground. There were people everywhere looking around, eating, laughing, but I also noticed that on almost every post there was a missing sign each and everyone different than the other. I was just thinking that they were decorations and so I just laughed and said good one in my head but the pit in my stomach knew that something wasn’t right then my stomach growled and told me that I was hungry so I asked my parents if we stop and get some food. We pulled into a restaurant that had a name that no one could ever say right but we got food and left and went right to the cabin where we were staying and they weren’t kidding when they said in the middle of the woods and by the time we reached the cabin it was late I couldn't see anything but the bright light coming through the old spooky trees. When we got inside the old creepy wooded cabin there was no sun in the sky only a bright moon and in the cabin there was only one bedroom, a kitchen, and a living room with a big gray dusty old couch that I would be sleeping on for the next couple of days. That's when we looked at each other puzzled. I then asked

"where's the bathroom? "

my dad then tried to call the maintenance to see but there was no service. There was no connection, and since we were in the middle of nowhere, no one could hear us screamed. We were alone.

Then we decided to go on the hunt for the bathroom, even if that wasn’t what we should of been looking for. We looked and there was nothing every door we opened was either a closet or was a door that went into the bedroom. It seemed like the bedroom was in the center of the cabin, and after we stopped looking we all started to think the same thing, were we all going to use the woods as the bathroom. My dad finally grabs a flashlight to go look outside. He then runs outside and started to look around the cabin. My dad then found a door next to the cabin the door was old and hard to pull open but my dad got it opened and shines the flashlight into the the dark room which turned out to be the bathroom. It smelled so bad in there like dead animals under a porch and the smell took me back to 2nd grade when the teacher used the bathroom in the classroom only for the teacher when she came out everyone started gagging on the smell it was like rotten eggs I think that was worst then the cabin bathroom. There wasn't any light in the bathroom so you had to have a flashlight, and cobwebs were everywhere but we were all relieved that there was a bathroom. So we got ready for bed and my dad went and changed in the bathroom and mom and I stayed in the cabin to changed but in different rooms. We were all settled in and ready for bed. My parents were asleep right when their heads hit the pillow,  you could hear dad and mom snoring in the bedroom. I was just lying on the big old couch looking up into complete darkness trying to sleep and I was right about to fall asleep when I heard a woman scream from the bedroom. It was mom I didn't know what to do did I stay and hide or did I run in fists held high my whole body was shaking with dismay.

Mom kept saying something didn't know what and I knew that if I didn't go in there then something bad was going to happen

I was so scared but I got up and charged through the door to find mom covered with dad's blood. I fall to the floor in shock. What happened? What did mom do to dad? I don't understand. I looked down at my dad's limp dead body swimming in a pool of his own blood and then look at mom, tears going down her face holding dad’s dead body and the next thing I know I'm sitting curled up in a ball screaming as loud as I could and my tears were like a stream flowing down my cheeks. I was right no one could hear you sceam… Mom came over to me told me to calm down and as she inched closer I screamed

“no STOP get away!”

as I back up until my back hit the wall. I was stuck. I didn’t know what to do or where to go.

Mom looked at me

“I’m so sorry I didn’t do it on purpose really I...I don’t know what happened”

as she sat on the ground and started to cry. While I am still sitting with my back to the wall still shaking and scared, but looked at mom wondering if she really meant those words. They stuck to me but she killed my dad her husband and dad didn’t do anything wrong. He never put a hand on mother. But then there was a whisper and mom ran over to me with fear in her eyes and said

"That's what I heard before I killed your father"

I looked at her and there was something different like it wasn't my mom it wasn't the women I looked up to since I was born she was a different person.

 I felt tears starting to form and started to back away

And mom looked at me confused and asked, "What are you doing?"

"You’r...you’re not my mother!"

She looked at me almost surprised,like all her fear vanished "Of course I'm your mother."

"N...no you're not!"I got up and ran out the door

Mom yelled out after me to get back I just kept running to scared to look back. The sun was just coming over the horizon the woods weren't as dark And I didn't stop running it felt like she was right behind me. My feet were bare and my pajama pants kept getting stuck to the sticks and twigs on the ground with my big gray shirt blowing behind me. I didn't understand it I could still hear that thing in my head like it was right behind me chasing me. I wanted to scream but I just kept running. I then saw an opening between the trees as I ran through it I stopped. And stared it.. It was so pretty, my heart stopped beating against my cheats at a fast pace and I was just sitting on the harden dirt ground covered with the autumn leaves looking up at the most beautifulest waterfall I have ever seen it's like I was in a mythical place the way the water fell and the sunlight glimmered through the water how the colorful autumn leaves flew back and forth before hitting the ground. My eyes just couldn't believe what I was seeing. I'm just sitting here on the dirt ground watching And Listening to the water and the leaves falling all around.

But then there was a scream and it all just disappeared like it was never there.

I was so scared to open my eyes I knew that thing was there I knew it got me because that scream came from me.

But then I opened my eyes to find a light and my father standing in it telling me to come to him and take his hand. Then all of a sudden I wasn't scared any more like all pain I felt never existed. I walk to him and put my palm in his warm palm and stepped into the light grateful that it was all over. Grateful I was dead.



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