I miss you buddy forever!!!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is not some made up crap, this is grieving over my dead dog, Pug.
Leave a like if you share and or understand my pain :,(

I miss you buddy forever!!!

By: PikalekThePikaPikachu on Booksie.com

This is not some made up crap, this is grieving over my dead dog, Pug

Leave a like if you share and or understand my pain :,(


Only a day ago you left this earth, a life less corpse but a spirit elsewhere.

It didn’t matter how old you were, how tough your breathing was, you will always be my baby, my buddy, my favorite pet of all time I believe.

Like mom said, you must’ve panicked when we left to drop me off at work and you couldn’t catch your breath, passing away from a lack of air in the cage that was in front of a fan on low setting.

I’m the one who suggested to leave you in the comfort of the blanket and fanned cage, probably had something to do with thinking I’ll be late to work.

Mom just missed your death because you were still very warm.

You didn’t need to die alone or the way you did.

When she took you to get you cremated, I didn’t have the strength to go with her.

I gave excuse that I wanted my last memory of him to be a more positive one, except I cried non-stop holding you in a wrapped up blanket after she took me out of work 30 minutes into it.

I’ve got regrets, mom gots regrets but I’m handling it better than her.

The next day I went to work and my Supervisor John told me I’ve got balls for coming in the next day after his death, took Ibuprofen 800mg just to help me make it through the day.

I talked to much at work today, worked hard, all to distract myself from feeling horrible.

But despite my excuse, it made sense a little bit, as I prefer to remember the 13 long years you made a big impact on my life through the simple stuff.

Because of you I learned how to love harder, felt loved when human beings couldn’t do it well enough and always made coming home a joy.

I remember the times you scratched at my door when I was in the bathroom, beg for my food, whined to get up on my bed when I was tired, it all I miss even tho at times I was annoyed.

I miss all those moments and more.

You knew how much I loved you, as I kissed you nearly every typical day, even when I brought you inside the house, not even my brothers dog got that treatment or my tears, it’s just that I never had the connection to him (Mac, a boxer that no longer lives either) that I had for you.

No matter how hard I am myself, the regrets, deep down I know you would want me to live a good life and love hard, even with the passion I gave you and you gave me.

It doesn’t matter if you were not human, you meant more to me than most humans ever could.

Wherever you are now, please forgive me for all the bad moments, the times I regretted.

I know that if you could live as long as me, you would and love me for life and you still do from wherever you are now, not in the flesh obviously anymore.

The people who took your body, they were rude in front of mom, talking about another one needing to go into the freezer, how could you do that to her and she told me, so we both suffer from that image, even his nose was bleeding randomly.

It seemed like you were only sleeping as usual but this time it was eternal.

There were good times and bad things but at the end of the day, I’ll always love you. <3

RIP Andre Pikalek (pug), you're forever missed too…


Submitted: July 28, 2017

© Copyright 2021 PikalekThePikaPikachu. All rights reserved.

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