No one to listen

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The story is about a girl who dreams a lot but finds no one to listen to her dreams. Her disappointments starts when she is hardly 5 yrs and continues till her death.

Submitted: July 28, 2017

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Submitted: July 28, 2017



Hi all!!! I am the second daughter in my family. I always wanted my parents to give special attention to me. But my mother hated me just because i look like my dad. Right from my childhood i have been criticised for following my elder sis. But people please tell me 2+2 is 4. Just because my sister gives the answer as 4, i am criticised when i also answer 4 to the question. My parents and teachers didn't understand that the answer will change only if the question is different. They dump me saying that i am a copy cat. Even my relatives were fond of my sisters but not me. I have always cried alone. But no one would come to console me. After few minutes of crying louder i would gradually decrease the volume and bring it to a halt. Even then no one would come to me. Days passed and I entered college. I couldn't make friends as i was weak in English. No one to share my wishes i used to tell myself that one day or other i should make one good friend who can give her shoulder when i am crying. A friend who will never get bored when I speak. I wanted to share my dreams every morning when i step down from bed. But no one were ready to even pretend like listening to me. But then i convinced myself that i should better change my boring character. I got a job in a MNC. I started flying in the sky. I was so happythat i could buy whatever i wanted. I could have a hair cut. I can buy a power glass as my eyesight was getting poor. But no one allowed me to fulfil my wish. Just because i was very responsible in the family i was denied many things. My mother didn't allow me to have a hair cut. I was denied power glass. But my sister enjoyed all privileges. She cut her hair with my mother's full permission. I wished to put a pony tail. But with long hair that was impossible. I cried alone in wash room. I cried while taking bath. I was wondering if I shouldn't not cut my hair then my sister should also be not allowed. My parents started arranging for my marriage. I already told you that my dream was to become a police officer. Even after clearing the exams my dad stopped me from becoming a police officer. My friends suggested me that i can fulfil my dream by marrying a police officer. But my parents rejected my plea and chose an engineer. Least bothered about my consent they started making arrangements for marriage. When the marriage talks were on i started dreaming about my wedding ceremony and life after that. I wanted to be dressed in purple gown for the wedding and saree for reception. I never thought i will be denied this too. Unfortunately i was dressed according to my mother's wish. I cried a lot again alone. Marriage was over. I was so happy that now i need not obey my mother. Now I am married. I can decide independently. But then came the master stroke. My mother brainwashed and convinced me somehow that I should continue to stay with my parents. I denied and consoled her a lot. But she was very much stubborn. Again she won. As soon as I returned from office i had to finish off all the household chores. Only then I was allowed to enter my room where my husband slept after waiting for me for a long time. I said to myself, although mom, dad and sisters are troublesome, now you can share your thoughts and feelings with your husband. Now here is the twist. Few days after marriage i wanted to share a joke with my husband. Without any delay he immediately stopped me saying that he hates jokes. It was so embarrassing and heartbreaking for me. Many years have gone and still i don't have any one to listen to me. I gave birth to a handsome baby boy. He grew up and was 3 years old. I opened my mouth to say prayers. At once he shouted shut your mouth. This doesn't seem to be a small thing. Everyone around me wants me not to express my thoughts. So i thought i will wite here. Loads of interesting events that happened in my life are waiting. Will be back with them in the next week.

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