Bad Dreams, Perfect Life

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Submitted: July 28, 2017

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Submitted: July 28, 2017



You sit in the corner 

with blood running down 

you don't want to move 

you don't want to make a sound


You lock the door 

scared of the beast outside

you listen close 

to see if it's still alive

you look through the crack 

to see the beast open one more


you creep back to the cornner

trying so hard not to make noise

your room goes dark

as you cry tears, that nobody hears...


you wake up to knocks on your door 

your father walks in woundering whats wrong 

you sit up all covered in sweat

explaining you had a dream from the past

your father smiles 

and says everythings alright

he turns and leaves 

and doesn't look back


you rush out of bed 

andd get dress in a snap

but as you put on your shirt 

you see scars that are left



you brush it off with a smile 

and make it look like everythings alright 


you run outside to play 

you throw balls and skip

and have a good day


at the end 

all you do is look forward

and never back

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