The Mighty Khan of Pakistan, Imran Khan

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There was once a lake, with massive expanse of pristine beauty and all the species including the crocodiles coexisting in peace but not for long. As lovely and loosely guarded spots are envied and
invariably occupied, the lake was also invaded by the alien species who had colluded with the crocs to take control of the lake.

Submitted: July 28, 2017

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Submitted: July 28, 2017




"I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion."

Alexander the Great


There was once a lake with massive expanse of pristine beauty and grandeur where all the species including the crocodiles were coexisting in peace, but not for long. As lovely and loosely guarded spots are envied and invariably occupied, the lake was also invaded by the alien species who had colluded with the crocs to take control of the lake.

Time passed and the lake’s inhabitants gradually realized that they had to take back their territory from the occupying aliens who were less in number but were unified and powerful. With persistent and combined efforts, they managed to liberate their world but it was divided into two parts, the larger part was taken by the majority of lake’s inhabitants while the smaller portion was given to the minority. Now there were two lakes where there was only one before.

The residents of the larger part were smart, being greater in number and led by insightful leaders, they took away the powers of the crocs, making them equal in terms of reach and rights. The smaller part’s residents were not that lucky and were soon overpowered by the crocs who were less in numbers but stayed united.

The crocodiles not only reinforced their position in time but they also corrupted the entire lake population by distorting their values upside down. They became meaner and more powerful with each passing day.

India is that larger part of the lake while Pakistan is the smaller one which was further broken down into two separate countries. By whom and how is another story. The issue being discussed here is that the part now known as Pakistan, how the problems started and those responsible for all the mess created over decades after the independence.

While India got rid of the feudal system right after gaining freedom, Pakistan unfortunately could not do so due to various reasons, the worst part was that the feudal lords overpowered rest of the population by taking on the veil of democracy.  Even during periods of martial law, the feudal lords always remained in power whereas the adventurous generals became history but feudalism stood firm, like a colossal octopus spreading its tentacles and strengthening its grip. They transformed from mere landholders initially to politicians, their stronghold which allowed them to further permeate through the very fabric of the nation, to businesses, bureaucracy and even the armed forces. However, politics remained their main source of sustenance and power as they took turns, comprehensively deceiving their voters. They colluded with corrupt businessmen, civil servants, some armed forces personnel, judiciary, fake spiritual leaders and even the foreign governments and spies.  

Those forces were aligned and managed to keep the entire population of over two hundred million people fragmented and below the poverty line, especially those who were under their direct influence, the rural population. They ensured that the national funds were brazenly looted, used for projects where commission and kickbacks were huge and did not work for the benefit of their people like investing in education, healthcare and clean water etc.

Living constantly under tremendous economic hardship, inequality, utter sense of humiliation and helplessness, the people started behaving like slaves with no free thinking on their part. Though Pakistan is supposed to be a democracy, it is indeed the worst form of a feudal society hidden behind the curtain of democracy. Consequently the feudal lords vehemently advocate for democracy because it provides them a legal cover to continue with their heinous crimes against humanity.

I would like to add here that not all feudals are bad. There are good and bad people everywhere but the point is that when it comes to safeguarding ones vested interests then people at times become ruthless and they mostly support each other like a gang.

In wake of the Internet revolution where the forces of evil are rapidly losing their control as access to information is now free and the social media network is transforming the world. In Pakistan unfortunately about seventy percent of the population lives under direct influence of feudal lords with no access to the Internet, or it is limited coupled with no or little education, hence their level of comprehension is low. They still believe that they are lowly creatures compared to their landlords who have very successfully created states within the State and laws of the land are not meant for them. They are/ were like kings, enjoying absolute power and control including even taking people’s lives without getting apprehended.

The situation remained so for over seventy years and was likely to remain so for a long time to come but then there occurred a major distortion; a player who changed the entire scenario by his insurmountable perseverance and unwavering faith, a rare combination. That maverick leader is Imran Khan, the cricketer turned politician who started his journey alone, was constantly ridiculed not only by the forces of the Status quo and rightly so, but surprisingly also by those who are themselves victims of the venomous system, the people of Pakistan.

The Status quo, the power nucleus that the forces of evil had created over decades was almost indestructible. The political parties though apparently opposing each other were always on the same page with regards to keeping their people below the poverty line, not allowing them access to good free education and healthcare. They created and maintained the system where elites are treated like gods while citizens are treated like animals, and ironically most of the people suppressed by them have accepted it as a norm with no intent to change it.

There were sporadic moves by some, like ripples created on surface of the sea but because they lacked stamina, courage and perseverance, all such efforts died down eventually. The worst part of the failure was due to the indifference shown by those who were most affected. That is what always happens as most of the people are unable to see things as they are. But even the greater responsibility lies on those leading the movements, they give up in time by not getting any support from the people they want to help, while some are bought who mostly manipulate with a specific objective in mind, money.

Imran Khan is an exception and the people of Pakistan are very fortunate to have him as their leader. Very few people truly comprehend as to how difficult change really is, and that too against those who are in power, have vested interests and therefore defend their positions very aggressively against any move to dismantle their mafia empire. Even within the lab settings, the change is not easy let alone dynamic environments where hyenas are united and rest of the animals of the jungle are dispersed, believing hyenas to be their saviors.

The fall of the Sharif dynasty is not an ordinary event by any means. It is a massive blow to the gigantic monster of the Status quo that had gained so much strength, power and control over decades that it literally became indestructible. Those who want to understand how difficult change really is can contemplate these words by the former US President, Woodrow Wilson, “If you want to make enemies, try to change something”. Also read one of the articles I wrote about this subject.

That historic event was of truly epic proportions and may the people of the world understand its dynamics and learn from it.

Hats off to our beloved leader, the mighty Khan of Pakistan, Imran Khan!


P.S. Imran Khan has now become the Prime Minister of Pakistan and all Pakistanis wherever they are, and the other good and decent people should support him to the best of their capacity.

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